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#Ice Cream Stand OPEN SOURCED

Here is the full source code for Ice Cream Stand v 1.49. The client side js can be found at source/js/ and is concated at build time (uglyified/minified) time with gulp to the js that users see.

server side js can be found at app.js and is split into routes/ and io.js for web sockets.

###found a bug?

If you found something that is not intended or needs attention, please either open an issue here or if it is a high-impact issue please contact me directly.


Ice Cream Stand is a free browser game where you sell delicious delicious ice cream. Open up a stand, buy workers, unlock flavors. Each flavor's value is affected by global demand based on the number of people selling it.

  • There are five quests in the game
  • 8 levels of prestige, each giving bonuses to the next play through
  • up to 1,000 workers for carts, employees, trucks, robots, and rockets.
  • Combo flavors that unlock when you use certain flavor combinations. These give bonuses when sold
  • Achievements
  • Real-time chat
  • Close to 100 flavors, and 100 addons - each with individual high res art
  • mobile, tablet, and desktop resolutions
  • Friends system
  • Trending flavors
  • Addon events
  • Highscore boards for daily, weekly, and all-time


Note that config.js has been omitted.

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