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LDAP Self Service Password
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LDAP Self Service Password is a small nodejs project which allow users the ability to change your password in ldap.

Install dependencies

$ npm install .


Copy the original config file and make the propper changes:

$ cp config/default.json.dist config/default.json

Install utility script on ldap machine

This script is a small piece of code responsible for changing the password on LDAP.

For security reasons the nodejs app is not allowed to change the LDAP password directly. We need a secure connection (ssh) with the LDAP machine to run this script.

Again, for security reasons, the LDAP admin password is stored in LDAP machine, please adjust the settings variable LDAP_PASS_FILE.

For instance to copy to your.ldap.your.domain, run:

$ scp scripts/change-ldap-password root@your.ldap.your.domain:/usr/local/sbin/

Configure the settings for the utility script (ldap machine)

You need to create the file /root/.lssprc with few variables, copy from template and make the propper changes:

$ scp config/.lssprc.dist root@your.ldap.your.domain:.lssprc


Nodemon is a utility that will monitor for any changes in your source and automatically restart your server. Perfect for development. Install it using npm.

$ sudo npm install -g nodemon

Just use nodemon instead of node to run your code:

$ nodemon app.js
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