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@X39 X39 released this Jan 11, 2018 · 560 commits to master since this release


selectRandom:u:4:selectRandom <ARRAY>
getText:u:4:getText <CONFIG>
tolower:u:4:tolower <STRING>
vectorNormalized:u:4:vectorNormalized <VECTOR3D>
toupper:u:4:toupper <STRING>
isArray:u:4:isArray <CONFIG>
isText:u:4:isText <CONFIG>
vectorMagnitude:u:4:vectorMagnitude <VECTOR3D>
isNumber:u:4:isNumber <CONFIG>
getNumber:u:4:getNumber <CONFIG>
inheritsFrom:u:4:inheritsFrom <CONFIG>
isClass:u:4:isClass <CONFIG>
getArray:u:4:getArray <CONFIG>
reverse:u:4:reverse <ARRAY>
scriptDone:u:4:scriptDone <SCRIPT>
vectorMagnitudeSqr:u:4:vectorMagnitudeSqr <VECTOR3D>
>>:b:4:<CONFIG> >> <STRING>
vectorMultiply:b:4:<VECTOR3D> ectorMultiply <SCALAR>
vectorDistance:b:4:<VECTOR3D> vectorDistance <VECTOR3D>
vectorDistanceSqr:b:4:<VECTOR3D> vectorDistanceSqr <VECTOR3D>
vectorDiff:b:4:<VECTOR3D> vectorDiff <VECTOR3D>
spawn:b:4:<ANY> spawn <CODE>
resize:b:4:<ARRAY> resize <SCALAR>
vectorDotProduct:b:4:<VECTOR3D> vectorDotProduct <VECTOR3D>
vectorAdd:b:4:<VECTOR3D> vectorAdd <VECTOR3D>
vectorCos:b:4:<VECTOR3D> vectorCos <VECTOR3D>
createUnit:b:4:<GROUP> createUnit <ARRAY>
deleteAt:b:4:<ARRAY> deleteAt <SCALAR>
append:b:4:<ARRAY> append <ARRAY>
find:b:4:<ARRAY> find <ANY>#<STRING> find <STRING>
exitWith:b:4:<IF> exitWith <CODE>
arrayIntersect:b:4:<ARRAY> arrayIntersect <ARRAY>
vectorCrossProduct:b:4:<VECTOR3D> vectorCrossProduct <VECTOR3D>

mergefrom__:b:4:<CONFIG> mergefrom__ <CONFIG>
parseconfig__:u:4:parseconfig__ <STRING>


Fixed `while` not creating its own scope; implemented `exitWith`
fixed warnings
fixed some warnings
fix in wsm_destroy_bucket (not affects sqf-vm in any means)
removed unused variable
removed unused variable
fixed negative config numbers not getting negativly parsed and some warnings
fixed warnings
added hint to get- & setvariable
now outputting true on no-default default switch
fixed hang on invalid parsing of configs
now outputting objNull on null objects stringification
double non-command usage now should always underline the invalid command and not the one before
code cleanup
numbers now also accept large E
removed test call
updated script
fixed various bugs
fixed cloning does not updated children_top
config_find_inheriting_node will now perform a check if a inheriting node is set.
small fixes on config, renamed PCONFIGNODE to PCONFIG, improved merging
fixed parent gets null on mergefrom__
fixed mergeinto__ command having swaped parameters
now outputting configNull on configNull
fixed NPE on refcount update for config types
fixed wrong command pathing for `>>`
Tokenizer now recognizes double single-quota escape
now escaping double single-quotas too
Merge pull request #13 from X39/config-parser
Merge branch 'master' into config-parser
upped toolkit version
fixed file loading
Added warning on select index on array length
fixed set command
fixed linux not returning swprintf buffer size issue
fix for group names not getting printed due to wchar char issue
added tolower & toupper
fixed forach not returning last result
fixed wide char vs char issue
added config commands
fixed memory leak in params command
fixed quotation parsing
Fixed string parsing issue when parsing empty strings
Added description to new sqf-vm only commands
added `mergefrom__` command
Fixed errors that caused memory leaks in config parser
removed duplicate semicolon
last '/' now is ommited correctly
added stringify for config type
fixes to parsing of array value fields
Added destroy command for cleanup to main
groupmap now only can exist once over all VMs (made static)
Added configparser
Merge branch 'master'
Fixed invalid string parsing on double quote usage
replaced last occurances of %S with %ls
initial files
config start
more fix for help__
fixed wchar help__
fixed linux
Probably fixed wchar issues on linux
added test macro to test buffer usage
added explicit null at the end of buffer
back to lower for the last char*
fixed only first character being printed
Merge branch 'master' of
fix for gnuc
fix for gcc windows cygwin
Revert "fixed warning"
fixed warning
warning fix
added missing #iinclude math.h
added wctype.h include
changed casing to lower
updated discord bot
fixed receiving group is not working
fixed createUnit usage missing character
fixed problems after merge
fixed linker error (vs only)
Merge pull request #11 from Krzmbrzl/master
added commands: vectorDotProduct, vectorCos, vectorMagnitude, vectorMagnitudeSqr, vectorMultiply, vectorDistance, vectorDistanceSqr, vectorNormalized
started working on array-commands
started implementing vector commands; vectorAdd, vectorDiff, vectorCrossProduct; added unitity functions for calculating with scalars
Merge pull request #1 from X39/master
added wchar support
Added 0 check for optional stack
Added syntax error on double non-command usage
increased line buffer size
fix for windows
Fixed array parsing when using commands with left arg being code or array
increased stacksize
fixed selectRandom distribution
fixed deleteAt
fixed arrayIntersect
removed unused variable
fixed macro
fixed warnings
fixed invalid argument order
fixed memoryleak
fixed memory leak in help__ unary
fixed naming, location & memory leaks introduced via PR
Fixes for latest PR
Merge pull request #10 from Krzmbrzl/master
Merge branch 'master' into master
altered casing of CMD_XXXX to lowercase
started moving over to VALUE_XXXX macros
base_ptr --> base_voidptr
removed nonsense commatas
replaced accidential `;` with `,`
Added missing parentheses
added VALUE_XXXX relations for every type
tweaked code style
configured .gitignore to ignore hidden files (prefixed by a dot)
Added function description
corrected memory leaks; fixed seed-bug within the selectRandom command; adapted formatting; added command meta-info
removed eclipse files
Added commands: selectRandom; resize; deleteAt; append; reverse; find; arrayIntersect
fixed error with `set` when resizing array
fixed `set` command just pushing instead of changing
upped version number
Fixed memory leak caused by missing free of scripts in sqfvm struct
Added scriptDone and added _thisScript to spawn command (also fixed spawn not returning script handle)
added spawn
fixed "comments" in strings "work" and break tokenizer
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