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SQLite JDBC driver for Android & now also for non-Android platforms


SQLDroid is a JDBC driver for Android's sqlite database (android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase) originally conceived by Kristian Lein-Mathisen. See

SQLDroid lets you access your app's database through JDBC. Android ships with the necessary interfaces needed to use JDBC drivers, but it does not officially ship with a driver for its built-in SQLite database engine. When porting code from other projects, you can conveniently replace the JDBC url to jdbc:sqlite to access an SQLite database on Android.

The SQLDroid JAR with the JDBC driver for Android is 33KB. We also offer a RubyGem "sqldroid" for use with Ruboto.



A prebuilt JAR is available at


// Insert example here

You can find an example of how to use SQLDroid with ActiveRecord on Ruboto here:


The SQLDroid JAR file is a straight collection of the compiled classes. If you have Ruby installed, you can generate the JAR using

rake jar

To make a gem for use with Ruboto run

rake gem

To release the gem to (requires permissions on run

rake release

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