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# Contributing

You discovered a bug or have an idea for a new feature? Great, why don't you send me a [Pull
Request (PR)]( so everyone can benefit from it?

Getting started is easy:

* Fork the __java-object-diff__ repository on Github
* Clone the forked repository to your computer
* Switch to the root project directory and run `mvn clean package`

If everything went well, this should build, test and package the project. Now you can start making your changes.

There are some things to help you getting started:

* Make yourself familiar with the [__User Guide__](, so you understand the basic architecture.
* [__Check for open issues__]( that interest you or look for issues with the [__Contributor Friendly__]( tag. These issues are especially well suited to get more familiar with the codebase without being overwhelming.
* In case you have an idea for a new feature, check the issue tracker to see if there were already some discussions regarding that feature. If not, feel free to open a new discussion to see what others think about it.

So you found something you want to work on? That's great! If you run into any problems or are not entirely sure how to tackle the problem, feel free to ask me on [Twitter]( or post your question to the [issue tracker]( if it is more complex.

Before you submit your PR with the result, please make sure to:

* __Write at least one fully integrated test__ (no mocks and comparison done via public API) to show
that the fix or feature works as promised - from a user perspective. What you are doing here is
basically saying: "In case of X you can expect the library to behave like Y". You shouldn't cover
every possible execution path this way but rather focus on proving that the feature works and under
which circumstances it will take effect. Doing this will help others to keep your feature intact,
when the library evolves.
* __Write unit tests__! Lots of them! Keep them small and readable and try to cover as much of your logic as possible. But don't go overboard: focus on actual logic and avoid testing simple getters and setters just to reach the magical 100% test coverage.
* __Write your tests with Groovy and [Spock](!__
Spock is an amazing testing framework that makes many things much, much easier to accomplish.
It's not hard to learn and a lot of fun to use. Yes, I know that there are still some TestNG tests
in the codebase, but they are getting replaced one by one until the dependency can finally be removed.

When you've done that, nothing should hold you back from sending me a pull request and bug me until it gets merged and published. :wink:

Thanks for your support and happy coding!

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