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WebCL for WebKit

This project aims to implement the WebCL support in WebKit web browser engine.

Build Instructions


Note: Here you will find how to install the WebKit developer tools.

The code is being synchronised with WebKit periodically. For this reason, the branch might be changed before the build. Our actual stable branch is master_r152423.

After change the branch, you can run the script: <src-dir>/Tools/Scripts/build-webkit

We have some WebCL examples in <src-dir>/Examples/WebCL/. To run the Hello example, use: <src-dir>/Tools/Scripts/run-safari <src-dir>/Examples/WebCL/Hello/index.html

Linux (EFL port)

Note: The build steps below were tested using Ubuntu 12.04, 13.04 and NVIDIA graphic cards.

Manually install OpenCL headers package.

sudo apt-get install opencl-headers

Follow WebKit-EFL build steps described here.

After the build process has been finished, run some of our WebCL example (<src_dir>/Examples/WebCL) using MiniBrowser:

<src_dir>/WebKitBuild/Release/bin/MiniBrowser <src_dir>/Examples/WebCL/Hello/index.html

Supported Configurations


  • OSX: 10.8.3
  • XCode: 4.6.1 (4H512)

Linux (EFL port)

  • Ubuntu: 12.04 and 13.04
  • OpenCL Headers: 1.1-2010

Running the Layout Tests

To run the tests, use:

<src_dir>/Tools/Scripts/./run-webkit-tests LayoutTests/webcl/tests/


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