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SRGBmods QMK Builds,100%

Need help and cannot be bothered to read anything below this? Join this Discord assign yourself the QMK role from the pull down. Then puruse the channels provided for QMK + SignalRGB users. No support for any of these files will be provided by official email tech support. Only Discord & Github issues.

Make sure to click the download button for your specific firmware (if a bin file), otherwise view the firmware file then right click and choose "save link as" on the raw button!

QMK Binaries

QMK Firmware that is supported by SignalRGB (includes protocol information for direct ARGB mode), compiled for your convenience and ready to install!

If you wish to compile your own yourself the directions can be found here.

These binaries may include releases from different "playground(s)" and QMK repositories. stability is not guaranteed, but Naitoshedo will definitely attempt to help you as well as our other moderators & occasionaly staff.

For GPL Compliance (Full Source code):

QMK Mainline + SignalRGB Merged Source & SonixQMK + SignalRGB Merged Source.

Additionally see the following directory, these are the files (with comments) for hand patching SignalRGB Protocol support into 3rd party QMK forks.


Thanks to the SonixQMK , QMK , VIA , GloriousThrall , jonylee1986 , Keychron and Vial communities for providing source code, all original code is completely theirs and thanks to them for providing the code for us and everyone else!

Licenses include: SonixQMK , QMK , VIA , GloriousThrall , jonylee1986 , Keychron , and Vial.

Help with these binaries / user plugin creation

First please read directions below.

This firmware is not "officially" supported by SignalRGB, QMK or any other software development team but by the moderator team of SignalRGB. Support can be provided either on the Github repository (Issues) here or the QMK channels of this Discord (Discord will be faster in most cases), after joining this specific Discord go to the #roles channel and assign yourself the QMK role. This will allow you to interact with the QMK group / support mods of the server.

Please keep support requests to either of those locations only, thanks!

If you notice something missing (keyboard or variation of a keyboard) or have any issues with these binaries please contact Naitoshedo on the above Discord server.

Start here if you are new

QMK + VIA builds these are the most recommended builds and may help narrow things down, but there are several QMK builds listed, always start with the most recent version VIA builds listed and then work your way down the links from here. Issues? Please contact Naitoshedo on the Plugin Discord Server server.

QMK+VIA-Firmware (We recommend these):

Start Here when in doubt mainline is the most reliable! in fact default builds are being deprecated (retired, unreliable etc)

Please explore here as there are many builds that you may find helpful!

One thing of note if you are attempting to use VIA or Vial to configure your keyboard you must quit SignalRGB before running either software

QMK Mainline

Jonylee1986 Fork

  • 0.20.7 These are specifically hfdkb based boards (monsgeek, top40, acr87, akko) if you cannot find these in mainline first then use these.




One thing of note if you are attempting to use VIA or Vial to configure your keyboard you must quit SignalRGB before running either software

  • 0.22.4 is the latest dev Vial QMK Branch, currently being pulled and fixes to boards are applied and uploaded.

QMK+Default-Firmware: (When all else fails)

Please note: Default builds will be deprecated, as VIA builds or XAP builds will replace all except for speciality builds.

QMK Mainline



If you are using VIA or Vial currently, you should save your current mappings (layout) e.g. back it up before flashing that way you can restore it once the flash is complete!

To use these files you may find QMK Toolbox helpful. Make sure to go to the Tools menu -> and Install Drivers!

Or if a Sonix based firmware these directions should help.

You will also need to follow the directions from your Keyboard manufacturer to put your device in bootloader mode in order to use QMK Toolbox / Sonix Flasher. (Google is your friend!) (Check their website for directions, you should honestly check there anyways for firmware in case you to need to factory restore as well.)

After flashing your firmware you will need a user plugin in SignalRGB in order for SignalRGB to talk to your keyboard. First see if your keyboard works immediately on launching SignalRGB, if that fails check our user submitted plugins

And finally here are the directions for creating your own user plugin.

Older Builds - Archived builds

  • VIA Archived VIA builds (Old QMK Mainline VIA+SignalRGB Support).
  • Vial Archived Vial builds (Old QMK Mainline VIA+Vial+SignalRGB Support).
  • Default Archived Default builds (Old QMK Mainline Default+SignalRGB Support)

Manually add Protocol support files

To manually add the SignalRGB Protocol 1.0.4 to almost any qmk fork please see the following files.

The above code changes have been applied to vanilla / playground repos for each fork(s) for the binaries provided.

If and when possible specific forks for supporting specific keyboards will be merged to QMK mainline release (cp -rp specificfork/keyboards/<keyboard_brand/maybe_a_child> ~/qmk/mainline/keyboards) and compiled against it.

(The above may include backporting RGB_Matrix to that specific board and the source is available in the QMK mainline and can be provided upon request keeping track of all these gets a bit tricky but I will definitely try.)