The People's Verification System
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PVS Specification and Verification System

Build Status

PVS is a verification system: that is, a specification language integrated with support tools and a theorem prover. It is intended to capture the state-of-the-art in mechanized formal methods and to be sufficiently rugged that it can be used for significant applications. PVS is a research prototype: it evolves and improves as we develop or apply new capabilities, and as the stress of real use exposes new requirements.

For documentation and pre-built binaries, please visit

Source layout


  • README - this file
  • pvs - the shell script for invoking pvs
  • pvsio-web - the shell script for invoking the pvsio-web prototyping tool
  • pvs.sty - the style file supporting LaTeX output
  • pvs-tex.sub - the default substitution file for generating LaTeX


  • Examples - some simple example specifications
  • emacs - Emacs files.
  • wish - Tcl/Tk files
  • bin - shell scripts and executables
  • lib - prelude, help files, and libraries
  • pvsio-web - PVSio-web prototyping tool and example prototypes
  • javascript - experimental javascript front-ends for PVS. See javascript/ for more info on how to run the tools.