LibPoly is a C library for manipulating polynomials
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LibPoly is a C library for manipulating polynomials. The target applications are symbolic reasoning engines, such as SMT solvers, that need to reason about polynomial constraints. It is research software under development, so the features and the API might change rapidly.


To compile on an Ubuntu machine you can install the prerequisites with

sudo apt-get install gcc cmake make libgmp-dev python2.7-dev python-sympy

Python is used for testing the library through the Python bindings (these are also useful for playing with the library). The Python bindings are currently not supported for Macs or Windows machines.


To compile and install perform

cd build
make install

The $type above is should be either "Debug" or "Release", and $prefix is the target directory where the library will be installed. The prefix can be omitted, in which case the library will be installed in the default system location (such as /usr/local).

If the tests are enabled, you can do a sanity check of the library by doing a make check.