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SRL Resource Library
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SRL Resource Library

SRL is a library meant to aid you when writing bots in Simba for the game Runescape.

You can find the documentation for SRL here

Documentation Status


Download the latest release and extract into your Includes directory. Make sure to rename the folder to SRL. The master branch is the development branch which can also be installed if you know what you're doing.


Some basic guidelines if you feel like contributing to this project:

  • Keep up the current programming style.
  • Readability is important.
  • Get familiar with our versioning:
  • No need for many ways to do the same thing.
  • Fast code is nice, but if it notably reduces readability it's probably not worth it.
  • Test your code, make sure it really works. If it has limitations tell us about 'em.
  • The include is not supposed to do all the work.
  • All contributions are appreciated, accepted or not.
  • Plugins/Libaries: SRL should work Windows & Linux (both 32 and 64bit), so plugins has to be made for those if you want it to be used by SRL.

Reach us

For any discussion, or just some talking we are usually available at IRC #SRL @ Rizon but the Villavu forums are also a great place to ask questions.

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