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#Verona Verona is a microframework for elegantly creating NSAttributedString in Swift.

Verona makes it easy to create NSAttributedString in a typesafe manner that doesn't require memorizing or looking up attribute names.


All NSAttributedString attributes are available as a Swift enum with associated values of their intended type, which makes easy and safe to use.

case Font(UIFont)
case ParagraphStyle(NSParagraphStyle)
case Color(UIColor)
case BackgroundColor(UIColor)
case Ligature(Bool)
case Kerning(Int)

###Make Closure The easiest way to create NSAttributedString is via the built in extension which provides a make closure

let attributedString = NSAttributedString.make("Ciao, Verona", make: { (make: NSAttributedStringAttributeBuilder) -> Void in
    make.setAttribute(.Font(UIFont(name: "HelveticaNeue", size: 18)!))

###Directly using the builder You can directly use the underlying NSAttributedStringAttributeBuilder to generate attribute dictionaries

let builder = NSAttributedStringAttributeBuilder()
builder.setAttribute(.Font(UIFont(name: "HelveticaNeue", size: 18)!))

let attString = NSAttributedString(string: string, attributes: builder.attributedStringAttributesDictionary())

###Tests Verona is currently unit tested using FBSnapshotTestCase for all cases. To run the unit tests, be sure to run cocoapods first. Test results can be found here:

All tests should be run against the iPhone 6 iOS 9.0

##Try it out The easiest way to try out Verona is through the included Playground TryVerona.playground

To setup the project for development + tests, clone this repo, cd into Verona and run make bootstrap

##Contributing Enjoying Verona!? We can use your help! The following guidelines have been adopted from AshFurrow/Moya (

Open source isn't just writing code. Verona could use your help with any of the following:

  • Finding (and reporting!) bugs.
  • New feature suggestions.
  • Answering questions on issues.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Reviewing pull requests.
  • Helping to manage issue priorities.
  • Fixing bugs/new features.

If any of that sounds cool to you, send a pull request! After a few contributions, we'll add you as admins to the repo so you can merge pull requests 🎉

##License Verona is released under an MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.