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My vim settings and plugins, compatible with MacVim in OSX
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My vim settings and plugins, compatible with MacVim in OSX


I use vim-plug for plugin managment.
Installation is simple, just do following command in terminal:

# Make sure that .vim/ isn't exist in your home dir
$ git clone ~/.vim

# Make soft link .vim/vimrc to ~/.vimrc
$ ln -s .vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc

Enter vim, type following command to install plugins: :PlugInstall


Common problems

  • Q: airline glyphs cannot show normally.
  • A: see instruction of airline fonts
  • Q: neocomplete says need Lua supports
  • A: see neocomplete README
  • Q: ack.vim didn't work.
  • A: ack.vim required ack installed.
  • Q: vim-go not working
  • A: see vim-go readme

Plugin list


keys mode functions note
\s NORMAL save file (update)
Tab NORMAL goto next tab file
` NORMAL goto previous tab file
\d NORMAL close current tab will warning without saving
\x NORMAL close current window
ctrl + l NORMAL/INSERT Toggle comments
ctrl + m NORMAL open NERDtree
ctrl + ww NORMAL switching windows
\m NORMAL compile must have Makefile at current dir
:!./a.out NORMAL execute a.out is exe name
ctrl + t NORMAL open Taglist for c/cpp only
ctrl + p NORMAL search file in working dir
= NORMAL align = and : for js file only
q ERROR LIST close jshint error list for js file only
F9 NORMAL/INSERT show jshint next error for js file only
F7 NORMAL/INSERT show jshint previous error for js file only
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