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EASy-Producer is a Product Line Engineering toolset, initially developed by the Software Systems Engineering group at the University of Hildesheim. EASy-Producer was already successfully tested in industrial environments.

Release History

Please see release history for details.


The documentation can be found at the EASy-Producer update site as well as part of the Eclipse Help plugin available for installation.


EASy-Producer can be installed from the official update site hosted at the University of Hildesheim, Germany.

We also provide a snapshot of the most recent developments in terms of a nightly update site also hosted at the University of Hildesheim, Germany. From there (but also doc) previews of the upcoming documentation can be obtained. Please note that Eclipse Help plugin of the nightly version contains the same documentation as the latest release.

Support for Eclipse/JDK

EASy-Producer runs well with Eclipse 4.5 and JDK 8. Support for Eclipse 4.7 and JDK is on the way, but due to refactoring bundles required by Eclipse 4.7, not completely tested.

Running EASy-Producer/tests within Eclipse

We experienced some difficulties creating launch configurations for Eclipse 4.7. As a result, we provide a collection of Eclipse launch configurations in the "launching" folder. Please note that a JDK must be installed and available as installed JRE in Eclipse. See also the readme file there.

Build Status

Component Status
Features Build Status of Features
Nightly-UpdateSite Build Status of Nightly-UpdateSite
EASy-Producer Build Status of EASy-Producer
Instantiation Build Status of Instantiation
SSE-Reasoner Build Status of SSE-Reasoner
Reasoner Core Build Status of Reasoner Core
IVML-Parser Build Status of IVML-Parser
Variability Model Build Status of Variability Model
Standalone Build Status of Standalone