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SSLMate command line client

sslmate is the command line client for SSLMate, a service for purchasing and managing SSL certificates. SSLMate provides easy-to-use tools for buying, renewing, and revoking certificates, for monitoring the expiration date of your certificates, and for synchronizing your certificates between your servers.

SSLMate emphasizes speed, ease-of-use, and automation. For example, the command to purchase a certificate (sslmate buy) typically completes in under a minute and automates the steps of generating a private key, generating a CSR, and building a certificate bundle. SSLMate can automatically renew your certificates, and you can run sslmate download from a cron job so that renewed certificates are automatically downloaded to your server.

To use the sslmate command, you must create a free account at


SSLMate officially supports:

  • Debian 9 and newer
  • Ubuntu 18.04 and newer
  • RHEL/CentOS 7 and 8
  • Amazon Linux 1 and 2
  • Fedora 27 and newer

Packages (.deb, .rpm) for the above operating systems are available.

SSLMate can run on other Unix-based operating systems provided the following software is installed:

  • Perl v5.10.0 or newer.

  • The following Perl modules, which can be installed by running cpan MODULENAME or by installing the corresponding distro package.

    Module Name               Debian/Ubuntu Package       RHEL/CentOS Package
    URI                       liburi-perl                 perl-URI
    Term::ReadKey             libterm-readkey-perl        perl-TermReadKey
    JSON::PP [1]              libjson-perl                perl-JSON
    LWP (>= 6) [2]            libwww-perl                 perl-libwww-perl
    LWP::Protocol::https [2]  liblwp-protocol-https-perl  perl-LWP-Protocol-https


  1. JSON::PP is included with Perl 5.14 and later.
  2. LWP is optional; if not available SSLMate will fall back to executing the curl command directly.


Run make and make install.

The following Makefile variables can be passed on the command line to make and make install:

  • PREFIX=/path - Install to given path (default: /usr/local)
  • DESTDIR=/path - Stage installed files under the given path instead of installing directly to the filesystem (intended for package building)


make PREFIX=/usr
make install PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=/tmp/pkgroot

Getting started

See SSLMate's guide to getting started.

Getting help


The SSLMate Client - Buy and Manage SSL Certs from the Command Line