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@pbrezina pbrezina released this 16 Apr 09:01
· 5339 commits to master since this release

SSSD 1.13.2


  • This is primarily a bugfix release, with minor features added to the local overrides feature
  • The sss_override tool gained new user-show, user-find, group-show and group-find commands
  • The PAM responder was crashing if PAM_USER was set to an empty string. This bug was fixed
  • The sssd_be process could crash when looking up groups in setups with IPA-AD trusts that use POSIX attributes but do not replicate them to the Global Catalog
  • A socket leak in case SSSD couldn't establish a connection to an LDAP server was fixed
  • SSSD's memory cache now behaves better when used by long-running applications such as system daemons and the administrator invalidates the cache
  • The SSSDConfig Python API no longer throws an exception when config_file_version is missing
  • The InfoPipe D-Bus interface is able to retrieve user groups correctly if the user is a member of non-POSIX groups like ipausers as well
  • Lookups by certificate now work correctly in multi-domain environment
  • The lookup of POSIX attributes after startup was relaxed to only check attribute presence, not validity. The POSIX check was also made less verbose.
  • A bug when looking up a subdomain user by UPN users was fixed

Packaging Changes

  • The memory cache for initgroups results was previously not packaged. This bug was fixed.
  • Python 2/3 packaging in the RPM specfile was improved

See full release notes here.