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@pbrezina pbrezina released this 24 Jul 12:13
· 1880 commits to master since this release

SSSD 2.3.1


New features

  • Domains can be now explicitly enabled or disabled using enable option in
    domain section. This can be especially used in configuration snippets.
  • New configuration options memcache_size_passwd, memcache_size_group,
    memcache_size_initgroups that can be used to control memory cache size.

Notable bug fixes

  • Fixed several regressions in GPO processing introduced in sssd-2.3.0
  • Fixed regression in PAM responder: failures in cache only lookups are no longer considered fatal
  • Fixed regression in proxy provider: pwfield=x is now default value only for sssd-shadowutils target

Packaging changes

  • libwbclient is now deprecated and is not being built by default (use --with-libwibclient to build it)

Documentation Changes

  • Added option memcache_size_passwd
  • Added option memcache_size_group
  • Added option memcache_size_initgroups
  • Added option enable in domain sections
  • Minor text improvements

See full release notes here.