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;; -*- mode: common-lisp; package: net.aserve -*-
;; copyright (c) 1986-2005 Franz Inc, Berkeley, CA - All rights reserved.
;; copyright (c) 2000-2012 Franz Inc, Oakland, CA - All rights reserved.
;; This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the version 2.1 of
;; the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, as clarified by the AllegroServe
;; prequel found in license-allegroserve.txt.
;; This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of
;; merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU
;; Lesser General Public License for more details.
;; Version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License is in the file
;; license-lgpl.txt that was distributed with this file.
;; If it is not present, you can access it from
;; (until superseded by a newer
;; version) or write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place,
;; Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
;; $Id:,v 1.27 2008/02/04 19:03:59 jkf Exp $
;; Description:
;; iserve's logging
;;- This code in this file obeys the Lisp Coding Standard found in
(in-package :net.aserve)
(defun log1 (category level message &key (logger *logger*))
(log1* logger category level message))
(defgeneric log1* (logger category level message)
(:documentation "This the new, extensible logger interface to which
all others defer. By default, category :access is handled by
log-request* while the rest goes to logmess-stream. Note message is
not necessarily a string: for instance it is a request object
for :access which allows for more flexibility in presentation.")
(:method (logger category level message)
(declare (ignore logger))
(logmess-stream category level message *debug-stream*))
(:method (logger (category (eql :xmit-server-response-headers)) level message)
(declare (ignore logger))
;; time is :pre or :post depending on whether the headers are
;; generated before or after the body
(destructuring-bind (time string) message
(logmess-stream category level (format nil "~a ~s" time string)
(:method (logger (category (eql :access)) level (request http-request))
(declare (ignore logger level))
(log-request* request)))
(defvar *enable-logging* t) ; to turn on/off the standard logging method
(defvar *save-commands* nil) ; if true then a stream to which to write commands
(defun logmess (message &optional (format :long))
(log-for-wserver *wserver* message format))
(defmethod log-for-wserver ((wserver wserver) message format)
;; send log message to the default vhost's error stream
(let ((*debug-stream* (vhost-error-stream (wserver-default-vhost wserver)))
(*debug-format* format))
(log1 :aserve :info message)))
(defvar *log-time-zone* 0)
(defmethod logmess-stream (category level message stream
&optional (format *debug-format*))
;; send the log message to the given stream which should be a
;; stream object and not a stream indicator (like t)
;; If the stream has a lock use that.
(declare (ignore level))
(multiple-value-bind (csec cmin chour cday cmonth cyear)
(decode-universal-time (get-universal-time) *log-time-zone*)
(let* ((*print-pretty* nil)
(str (ecase format
nil "[~a] ~a: ~2,'0d/~2,'0d/~2,'0d - ~2,'0d:~2,'0d:~2,'0d - ~a~%"
category (mp:process-name sys:*current-process*)
cmonth cday (mod cyear 100) chour cmin csec
(format nil "~2,'0d:~2,'0d:~2,'0d - ~a~%" chour cmin csec
(lock (getf (excl::stream-property-list stream) :lock)))
(if* lock
then (mp:with-process-lock (lock)
(if* (open-stream-p stream)
then (write-sequence str stream)
(finish-output stream)))
else (write-sequence str stream)
(finish-output stream)))))
(defmethod log-request ((req http-request))
;; after the request has been processed, write out log line
(if* *enable-logging*
then ;; By default this ends up calling log-request*.
(log1 :access :info req))
(if* *save-commands*
then (multiple-value-bind (ok whole uri-string)
(match-re "^[^ ]+\\s+([^ ]+)" (request-raw-request req))
(declare (ignore ok whole))
(format *save-commands*
"((:method . ~s) (:uri . ~s) (:proto . ~s) ~% (:code . ~s)~@[~% (:body . ~s)~]~@[~% (:auth . ~s)~]~@[~% (:ctype . ~s)~])~%"
(request-method req)
(request-protocol req)
(let ((obj (request-reply-code req)))
(if* obj
then (response-number obj)
else 999))
(let ((bod (request-request-body req)))
(and (not (equal "" bod)) bod))
(multiple-value-list (get-basic-authorization req))
(header-slot-value req :content-type)))
(force-output *save-commands*)))
(defun log-request* (req)
(let* ((entry (format-access-log-entry req))
(stream (vhost-log-stream (request-vhost req)))
(lock (and (streamp stream)
(getf (excl::stream-property-list stream)
(macrolet ((do-log ()
'(progn (format stream "~a~%" entry)
(force-output stream))))
(if* lock
then (mp:with-process-lock (lock)
; in case stream switched out while we weren't busy
; get the stream again
(setq stream (vhost-log-stream (request-vhost req)))
else (do-log)))))
(defun format-access-log-entry (req)
(let* ((ipaddr (socket:remote-host (request-socket req)))
(time (request-reply-date req))
(code (let ((obj (request-reply-code req)))
(if* obj
then (response-number obj)
else 999)))
(length (or (request-reply-content-length req)
#+(and allegro (version>= 6))
(request-socket req)))))
(format nil "~A~A~a - - [~a] ~s ~s ~s"
(if* *log-wserver-name*
then (wserver-name *wserver*)
else "")
(if* *log-wserver-name*
then " "
else "")
(socket:ipaddr-to-dotted ipaddr)
(maybe-universal-time-to-date time)
(request-raw-request req)
(or length -1))))
(defun log-proxy (uri level action extra)
;; log information from the proxy module
(format nil "~a ~d ~a ~a~@[ ~s~]"
(or (getf (mp:process-property-list mp:*current-process*)
(mp:process-name mp:*current-process*))
(if* (stringp uri)
then uri
else (net.uri:render-uri uri nil))