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;; -*- mode: common-lisp; package: net.aserve -*-
;; copyright (c) 1986-2005 Franz Inc, Berkeley, CA - All rights reserved.
;; copyright (c) 2000-2012 Franz Inc, Oakland, CA - All rights reserved.
;; This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the version 2.1 of
;; the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, as clarified by the AllegroServe
;; prequel found in license-allegroserve.txt.
;; This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of
;; merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU
;; Lesser General Public License for more details.
;; Version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License is in the file
;; license-lgpl.txt that was distributed with this file.
;; If it is not present, you can access it from
;; (until superseded by a newer
;; version) or write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place,
;; Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
;; $Id:,v 1.89 2008/05/22 18:14:59 layer Exp $
;; Description:
;; publishing urls
;;- This code in this file obeys the Lisp Coding Standard found in
(in-package :net.aserve)
(defclass entity ()
;; an object to be published
;; host and port may be nil, meaning "don't care", or a list of
;; items or just an item
:initarg :host
:initform nil
:reader host)
(port :initarg :port
:initform nil
:reader port)
(path :initarg :path
:reader path
:initform "--unspecified-path--"
(location :initarg :location
:reader location)
(prefix :initarg :prefix
:initform nil
:reader prefix)
(last-modified :initarg :last-modified
:accessor last-modified
:initform nil ; means always considered new
; ut string format for last-modified cached here.
(last-modified-string :initarg :last-modified-string
:accessor last-modified-string
:initform nil)
(format :initarg :format ;; :text or :binary
:initform :text
:reader entity-format)
(content-type :initarg :content-type
:reader content-type
:initform nil)
; can be a single object or a list of objects
(authorizer :initarg :authorizer
:accessor entity-authorizer
:initform nil)
; if not nil then the timeout to be used in a with-http-response
; for this entity
(timeout :initarg :timeout
:initform nil
:accessor entity-timeout)
; property list for storing info on this entity
(plist :initarg :plist
:initform nil
:accessor entity-plist)
; function of 3 args (req ent extra) called between
; with-http-request and with-http-body for entity types
; where the user has no control (i.e. non function types)
(hook :initarg :hook
:initform nil
:accessor entity-hook)
; cons holding extra headers to send with this entity
(headers :initarg :headers
:initform nil
:accessor entity-headers)
; if true then aserve is permitted (but not required) to
; send this entity back compressed. There is also a
; global compress switch in the wserver object that must be true
; in order for compression to be done
(compress :initarg :compress
:initform t
:accessor entity-compress)
; extra holds random info we need for a particular entity
(extra :initarg :extra :reader entity-extra)
(defclass file-entity (entity)
;; a file to be published
(file :initarg :file :reader file)
(contents :initarg :contents :accessor contents
:initform nil)
;; true if the contents should be cached when accessed
:initarg :cache-p
:initform nil
:accessor cache-p)
(defclass computed-entity (entity)
;; entity computed each time it's called
((function :initarg :function :reader entity-function)))
(defvar *dummy-computed-entity*
;; needed when intercepting and sending a computed entity in place
;; of the entity being published
(make-instance 'computed-entity))
(defclass access-file-mixin ()
;; slots needed if you want to use access files during
;; the handling of this entity
; if non-nil the name of the file to look for in directories to
; personalize the creation of file entities
((access-file :initarg :access-file
:initform nil
:accessor directory-entity-access-file)
; internal slot used to cache the files we've read
; is a list of
; (whole-access-filename last-write-dat cached-value)
(access-file-cache :initform nil
:accessor directory-entity-access-file-cache)
(defclass directory-entity (entity access-file-mixin)
;; entity that displays the contents of a directory
((directory :initarg :directory ; directory to display
:reader entity-directory)
(prefix :initarg :prefix ; url prefix pointing to ths dir
:reader prefix
:initform "")
(recurse :initarg :recurse ; t to descend to sub directories
:initform nil
:reader recurse)
;; settting for file entities created:
;; true if the contents should be cached when accessed
:initarg :cache-p
:initform nil
:accessor cache-p)
; list of name of files that can be used to index this directory
(indexes :initarg :indexes
:initform nil
:accessor directory-entity-indexes)
; filter is nil or a function of req ent filename info
; which can process the request or return nil
(filter :initarg :filter
:initform nil
:accessor directory-entity-filter)
;: fcn of req ent realname
; it should create and publish an entity and return it
(publisher :initarg :publisher
:initform nil
:accessor directory-entity-publisher)
:initform nil
:initarg :hidden-index-redirect
:reader directory-hidden-index-redirect)
(defclass special-entity (entity)
;; used to hold a certain body we want to always return
;; nil means we'll return no body
((content :initform nil
:initarg :content
:reader special-entity-content)))
(setq *not-modified-entity* (make-instance 'special-entity))
;; the multi-entity contains list of items. the items can be
;; atom - assumed to be a namestring or pathname that can be opened
;; function - function to run to compute a result
;; function takes req ent last-modified-time
(defclass multi-entity (entity)
;; handle multiple files and compute entities
;; list of multi-item structs
:initarg :items
:reader items)
(content-length :initform 0
:accessor multi-entity-content-length))
(defstruct multi-item
kind ; :file, :function
data ; for :file, the filename for :function the function
cache ; nil or unsigned-byte 8 array
;;-------- locators - objects which find the entity to return
(defclass locator ()
((name :initform :unnamed
:initarg :name
:reader locator-name)
; info is where the locator will likely store data related
; to mapping
(info :initform nil
:initarg :info
:accessor locator-info)
; for random extra info
(extra :initarg :extra :reader locator-extra)
(defclass locator-exact (locator)
;; used to map specific uri paths to entities
;; the table slot holds the hash table that's used
(:default-initargs :info (make-hash-table :test #'equal)))
(defclass locator-prefix (locator)
;; use to map prefixes to entities
;; the info slot of a locator-prefix class is a list of
;; prefix-handler objects, sorted by the length of the path
;; (from longest to smallest).
(defstruct (prefix-handler (:type list))
path ;; string which must be the prefix of the url part to match
host-handlers ;; list of host-handlers
(defstruct (host-handler (:type list))
host ;; vhost object to match or :wild meaning match anything
entity ;; entity object to handle this request
; we can specify either an exact url or one that handles all
; urls with a common prefix.
;; if the prefix is given as a list: e.g. ("ReadMe") then it says that
;; this mime type applie to file named ReadMe. Note that file types
;; are checked first and if no match then a filename match is done.
(defparameter *file-type-to-mime-type*
;; this list constructed by generate-mime-table in
'(("application/EDI-Consent") ("application/EDI-X12")
("application/EDIFACT") ("application/activemessage")
("application/andrew-inset" "ez") ("application/applefile")
("application/atomicmail") ("application/batch-SMTP")
("application/beep+xml") ("application/cals-1840")
("application/commonground") ("application/cybercash")
("application/dca-rft") ("application/dec-dx") ("application/dvcs")
("application/eshop") ("application/http") ("application/hyperstudio")
("application/iges") ("application/index") ("application/index.cmd")
("application/index.obj") ("application/index.response")
("application/index.vnd") ("application/iotp") ("application/ipp")
("application/isup") ("application/font-tdpfr")
("application/mac-binhex40" "hqx")
("application/mac-compactpro" "cpt") ("application/macwriteii")
("application/marc") ("application/mathematica")
("application/mathematica-old") ("application/msword" "doc")
("application/news-message-id") ("application/news-transmission")
("application/ocsp-request") ("application/ocsp-response")
("application/octet-stream" "bin" "dms" "lha" "lzh" "exe" "class" "so"
"dll" "img" "iso")
("application/ogg" "ogg") ("application/parityfec")
("application/pdf" "pdf") ("application/pgp-encrypted")
("application/pgp-keys") ("application/pgp-signature")
("application/pkcs10") ("application/pkcs7-mime")
("application/pkcs7-signature") ("application/pkix-cert")
("application/pkix-crl") ("application/pkixcmp")
("application/postscript" "ai" "eps" "ps")
("application/prs.alvestrand.titrax-sheet") ("application/prs.cww")
("application/prs.nprend") ("application/qsig")
("application/remote-printing") ("application/riscos")
("application/rtf" "rtf") ("application/sdp")
("application/set-payment") ("application/set-payment-initiation")
("application/set-registration-initiation") ("application/sgml")
("application/sgml-open-catalog") ("application/sieve")
("application/slate") ("application/smil" "smi" "smil")
("application/timestamp-query") ("application/timestamp-reply")
("application/vemmi") ("application/vnd.3M.Post-it-Notes")
("application/vnd.FloGraphIt") ("application/vnd.accpac.simply.aso")
("application/vnd.accpac.simply.imp") ("application/vnd.acucobol")
("application/vnd.audiograph") ("application/vnd.businessobjects")
("application/vnd.bmi") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/vnd.claymore")
("application/vnd.commerce-battelle") ("application/vnd.commonspace")
("application/vnd.comsocaller") ("application/")
("application/vnd.cosmocaller") ("application/vnd.cups-postscript")
("application/vnd.cups-raster") ("application/vnd.cups-raw")
("application/vnd.ctc-posml") ("application/vnd.cybank")
("application/vnd.dna") ("application/vnd.dpgraph")
("application/vnd.dxr") ("application/vnd.ecdis-update")
("application/vnd.ecowin.seriesupdate") ("application/vnd.enliven")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/vnd.fdf")
("application/vnd.ffsns") ("application/vnd.framemaker")
("application/vnd.fsc.weblaunch") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/vnd.fut-misnet") ("application/vnd.grafeq")
("application/vnd.groove-vcard") ("application/vnd.hhe.lesson-player")
("application/vnd.hp-HPGL") ("application/vnd.hp-PCL")
("application/vnd.hp-PCLXL") ("application/vnd.hp-hpid")
("application/vnd.hp-hps") ("application/vnd.httphone")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/vnd.informix-visionary")
("application/vnd.intertrust.nncp") ("application/vnd.intu.qbo")
("application/vnd.irepository.package+xml") ("application/")
("application/vnd.koan") ("application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3")
("application/vnd.lotus-approach") ("application/vnd.lotus-freelance")
("application/vnd.lotus-notes") ("application/vnd.lotus-organizer")
("application/vnd.lotus-screencam") ("application/vnd.lotus-wordpro")
("application/") ("application/vnd.mediastation.cdkey")
("application/vnd.meridian-slingshot") ("application/vnd.mif" "mif")
("application/vnd.mobius.daf") ("application/vnd.mobius.dis")
("application/vnd.mobius.msl") ("application/vnd.mobius.plc")
("application/vnd.mobius.txf") ("application/vnd.motorola.flexsuite")
("application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/" "xls")
("application/") ("application/" "ppt")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/") ("application/vnd.mseq")
("application/vnd.msign") ("application/")
("application/vnd.musician") ("application/vnd.netfpx")
("application/vnd.noblenet-sealer") ("application/vnd.noblenet-web")
("application/vnd.novadigm.EDM") ("application/vnd.novadigm.EDX")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.chart" "odc")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.database" "odb")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula" "odf")
("application/" "odg")
("application/" "otg")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.image" "odi")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation" "odp")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation-template" "otp")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet" "ods")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet-template" "ots")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text" "odt")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-master" "odm")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-template" "ott")
("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-web" "oth")
("application/vnd.osa.netdeploy") ("application/vnd.palm")
("application/") ("application/")
("application/vnd.powerbuilder6") ("application/vnd.powerbuilder6-s")
("application/vnd.powerbuilder7") ("application/vnd.powerbuilder7-s")
("application/vnd.pvi.ptid1") ("application/vnd.pwg-xhtml-print+xml")
("application/vnd.rapid") ("application/vnd.s3sms")
("application/vnd.shana.informed.package") ("application/vnd.sss-cod")
("application/vnd.sss-dtf") ("application/vnd.sss-ntf")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.writer" "sxw")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.template" "stw")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.calc" "sxc")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.calc.template" "stc")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.draw" "sxd")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.draw.template" "std")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.impress" "sxi")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.impress.template" "sti")
("application/" "sxg")
("application/vnd.sun.xml.math" "sxm") ("application/vnd.svd")
("application/vnd.symbian.install" "sis")
("application/vnd.triscape.mxs") ("application/vnd.trueapp")
("application/vnd.truedoc") ("application/vnd.tve-trigger")
("application/vnd.ufdl") ("application/vnd.uplanet.alert")
("application/vnd.uplanet.signal") ("application/vnd.vcx")
("application/vnd.vidsoft.vidconference") ("application/vnd.visio")
("application/vnd.vividence.scriptfile") ("application/vnd.wap.sic")
("application/vnd.wap.slc") ("application/vnd.wap.wbxml" "wbxml")
("application/vnd.wap.wmlc" "wmlc")
("application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc" "wmlsc")
("application/vnd.webturbo") ("application/vnd.wrq-hp3000-labelled")
("application/vnd.wt.stf") ("application/vnd.xara")
("application/vnd.xfdl") ("application/vnd.yellowriver-custom-menu")
("application/whoispp-query") ("application/whoispp-response")
("application/wita") ("application/wordperfect5.1")
("application/x-apple-diskimage" "dmg")
("application/x-bcpio" "bcpio") ("application/x-bittorrent" "torrent")
("application/x-bzip2" "bz2") ("application/x-cdlink" "vcd")
("application/x-chess-pgn" "pgn") ("application/x-compress")
("application/x-cpio" "cpio") ("application/x-csh" "csh")
("application/x-director" "dcr" "dir" "dxr")
("application/x-dvi" "dvi") ("application/x-futuresplash" "spl")
("application/x-gtar" "gtar") ("application/x-gzip" "gz" "tgz")
("application/x-hdf" "hdf") ("application/x-java-archive" "jar")
("application/x-javascript" "js") ("application/x-kword" "kwd" "kwt")
("application/x-kspread" "ksp")
("application/x-kpresenter" "kpr" "kpt")
("application/x-kchart" "chrt") ("application/x-killustrator" "kil")
("application/x-koan" "skp" "skd" "skt" "skm")
("application/x-latex" "latex") ("application/x-netcdf" "nc" "cdf")
("application/x-rpm" "rpm") ("application/x-sh" "sh")
("application/x-shar" "shar") ("application/x-shockwave-flash" "swf")
("application/x-stuffit" "sit") ("application/x-sv4cpio" "sv4cpio")
("application/x-sv4crc" "sv4crc") ("application/x-tar" "tar")
("application/x-tcl" "tcl") ("application/x-tex" "tex")
("application/x-texinfo" "texinfo" "texi")
("application/x-troff" "t" "tr" "roff")
("application/x-troff-man" "man") ("application/x-troff-me" "me")
("application/x-troff-ms" "ms") ("application/x-ustar" "ustar")
("application/x-wais-source" "src") ("application/x400-bp")
("application/xhtml+xml" "xhtml" "xht") ("application/xml")
("application/xml-dtd") ("application/xml-external-parsed-entity")
("application/zip" "zip") ("audio/32kadpcm")
("audio/basic" "au" "snd") ("audio/g.722.1") ("audio/l16")
("audio/midi" "mid" "midi" "kar") ("audio/mp4a-latm")
("audio/mpa-robust") ("audio/mpeg" "mpga" "mp2" "mp3")
("audio/parityfec") ("audio/prs.sid") ("audio/telephone-event")
("audio/tone") ("audio/") ("audio/vnd.cns.anp1")
("audio/vnd.cns.inf1") ("audio/")
("audio/vnd.everad.plj") ("audio/vnd.lucent.voice")
("audio/vnd.nortel.vbk") ("audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp4800")
("audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp7470") ("audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp9600")
("audio/vnd.octel.sbc") ("audio/vnd.qcelp")
("audio/vnd.rhetorex.32kadpcm") ("audio/vnd.vmx.cvsd")
("audio/x-aiff" "aif" "aiff" "aifc") ("audio/x-mpegurl" "m3u")
("audio/x-pn-realaudio" "ram" "rm") ("audio/x-realaudio" "ra")
("audio/x-wav" "wav") ("audio/x-ms-wma" "wma")
("audio/x-ms-wax" "wax") ("chemical/x-pdb" "pdb")
("chemical/x-xyz" "xyz") ("image/bmp" "bmp") ("image/cgm")
("image/g3fax") ("image/gif" "gif") ("image/ief" "ief")
("image/jpeg" "jpeg" "jpg" "jpe") ("image/naplps") ("image/png" "png")
("image/prs.btif") ("image/prs.pti") ("image/tiff" "tiff" "tif")
("image/vnd.cns.inf2") ("image/vnd.djvu" "djvu" "djv")
("image/vnd.dwg") ("image/vnd.dxf") ("image/vnd.fastbidsheet")
("image/vnd.fpx") ("image/vnd.fst") ("image/")
("image/") ("image/vnd.mix")
("image/") ("image/vnd.svf") ("image/vnd.wap.wbmp" "wbmp")
("image/vnd.xiff") ("image/x-cmu-raster" "ras")
("image/x-portable-anymap" "pnm") ("image/x-portable-bitmap" "pbm")
("image/x-portable-graymap" "pgm") ("image/x-portable-pixmap" "ppm")
("image/x-rgb" "rgb") ("image/x-xbitmap" "xbm")
("image/x-xpixmap" "xpm") ("image/x-xwindowdump" "xwd")
("message/delivery-status") ("message/disposition-notification")
("message/external-body") ("message/http") ("message/news")
("message/partial") ("message/rfc822") ("message/s-http")
("model/iges" "igs" "iges") ("model/mesh" "msh" "mesh" "silo")
("model/vnd.dwf") ("model/vnd.flatland.3dml") ("model/vnd.gdl")
("model/") ("model/vnd.gtw") ("model/vnd.mts")
("model/vnd.vtu") ("model/vrml" "wrl" "vrml")
("multipart/alternative") ("multipart/appledouble")
("multipart/byteranges") ("multipart/digest") ("multipart/encrypted")
("multipart/form-data") ("multipart/header-set") ("multipart/mixed")
("multipart/parallel") ("multipart/related") ("multipart/report")
("multipart/signed") ("multipart/voice-message") ("text/calendar")
("text/css" "css") ("text/directory") ("text/enriched")
("text/html" "html" "htm") ("text/parityfec")
("text/plain" "asc" "txt") ("text/prs.lines.tag")
("text/rfc822-headers") ("text/richtext" "rtx") ("text/rtf" "rtf")
("text/sgml" "sgml" "sgm") ("text/tab-separated-values" "tsv")
("text/t140") ("text/uri-list") ("text/vnd.DMClientScript")
("text/vnd.IPTC.NITF") ("text/vnd.IPTC.NewsML") ("text/")
("text/vnd.curl") ("text/vnd.flatland.3dml") ("text/")
("text/vnd.fmi.flexstor") ("text/vnd.in3d.3dml")
("text/") ("text/vnd.latex-z")
("text/vnd.motorola.reflex") ("text/")
("text/" "jad") ("text/")
("text/") ("text/vnd.wap.wml" "wml")
("text/vnd.wap.wmlscript" "wmls") ("text/x-setext" "etx")
("text/xml" "xml" "xsl") ("text/xml-external-parsed-entity")
("video/mp4v-es") ("video/mpeg" "mpeg" "mpg" "mpe")
("video/parityfec") ("video/pointer") ("video/quicktime" "qt" "mov")
("video/vnd.fvt") ("video/")
("video/vnd.motorola.videop") ("video/vnd.mpegurl" "mxu")
("video/vnd.mts") ("video/")
("video/") ("video/x-flv" "flv")
("video/x-ms-asf" "asf" "asx") ("video/x-ms-wm" "wm")
("video/x-ms-wmv" "wmv") ("video/x-ms-wmx" "wmx")
("video/x-ms-wvx" "wvx") ("video/x-msvideo" "avi")
("video/x-sgi-movie" "movie") ("x-conference/x-cooltalk" "ice")))
(defvar *mime-types* nil)
(defun build-mime-types-table ()
(if* (null *mime-types*)
then (setf *mime-types* (make-hash-table :test #'equalp))
(dolist (ent *file-type-to-mime-type*)
(dolist (type (cdr ent))
(setf (gethash type *mime-types*) (car ent))))))
(build-mime-types-table) ;; build the table now
(defmethod lookup-mime-type (filename)
;; return mime type if known
(if* (pathnamep filename)
then (setq filename (namestring filename)))
(multiple-value-bind (root tail name type)
(split-namestring filename)
(declare (ignore root name))
(if* (and type (gethash type *mime-types*))
elseif (gethash (list tail) *mime-types*)
(defun unpublish (&key all (server *wserver*))
(if* all
then (dolist (locator (wserver-locators server))
(unpublish-locator locator))
else (error "not done yet")))
;; methods on entity objects
;-- content-length -- how long is the body of the response, if we know
(defmethod content-length ((ent entity))
;; by default we don't know, and that's what nil means
(defmethod content-length ((ent file-entity))
(let ((contents (contents ent)))
(if* contents
then (length contents)
else ; may be a file on the disk, we could
; compute it.. this is
;** to be done
(defmethod content-length ((ent special-entity))
(let ((body (special-entity-content ent)))
(if* body
then (length body)
else 0)))
(defmethod content-length ((ent multi-entity))
(multi-entity-content-length ent))
;- transfer-mode - will the body be sent in :text or :binary mode.
; use :binary if you're not sure
(defmethod transfer-mode ((ent entity))
(or (entity-format ent) :binary)
;; url exporting
(defun publish (&key (host nil host-p) port path function class format
(server *wserver*)
(compress t)
;; publish the given url
;; if file is given then it specifies a file to return
(let (hval)
(if* (null locator)
then (setq locator (find-locator :exact server)))
(setq hval (convert-to-vhosts (if* (and host (atom host))
then (list host)
else host)
(if* remove
then ; eliminate the entity if it exists
(unpublish-entity locator path hval host-p)
(let ((ent (make-instance (or class 'computed-entity)
:host hval
:port port
:path path
:function function
:format format
:content-type content-type
:authorizer authorizer
:plist plist
:timeout timeout
:hook hook
:headers headers
:compress compress
(publish-entity ent locator path hval)))))
(defun publish-prefix (&key (host nil host-p) port prefix
function class format
(server *wserver*)
(compress t)
;; publish a handler for all urls with a certain prefix
(let (hval)
(if* (null locator)
then (setq locator (find-locator :prefix server)))
(setq hval (convert-to-vhosts (if* (and host (atom host))
then (list host)
else host)
(if* remove
then ; eliminate the entity if it exists
(publish-prefix-entity nil prefix locator hval host-p t)
(let ((ent (make-instance (or class 'computed-entity)
:host hval
:port port
:prefix prefix
:function function
:format format
:content-type content-type
:authorizer authorizer
:plist plist
:timeout timeout
:headers headers
:compress compress
(publish-prefix-entity ent prefix locator hval
host-p nil)
(defun publish-file (&key (server *wserver*)
(host nil host-p)
port path
file content-type class preload
(timeout #+io-timeout #.(* 100 24 60 60)
#-io-timeout nil)
(compress t)
;; return the given file as the value of the url
;; for the given host.
;; If host is nil then return for any host
(let (ent got c-type hval)
(if* (null locator)
then (setq locator (find-locator :exact server)))
(setq hval (convert-to-vhosts (if* (and host (atom host))
then (list host)
else host)
(if* remove
then (unpublish-entity locator path
(return-from publish-file nil))
(setq c-type (or content-type
(lookup-mime-type file)
(if* preload
then ; keep the content in core for fast display
(with-open-file (p file
#-(and allegro (version>= 6))
#-(and allegro (version>= 6))
'(unsigned-byte 8))
(let ((size (excl::filesys-size (stream-input-fn p)))
(lastmod (excl::filesys-write-date (stream-input-fn p)))
(setq guts (make-array size :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(if* (not (eql size (setq got (read-sequence guts p))))
then (error "~s should have been ~d bytes but was ~d"
(setq ent (make-instance (or class 'file-entity)
:host hval
:port port
:path path
:file file
:content-type c-type
:contents guts
:last-modified lastmod
:last-modified-string (universal-time-to-date lastmod)
:cache-p cache-p
:authorizer authorizer
:timeout timeout
:plist plist
:hook hook
:headers headers
:compress compress
else (setq ent (make-instance (or class 'file-entity)
:host hval
:port port
:path path
:file file
:content-type c-type
:cache-p cache-p
:authorizer authorizer
:timeout timeout
:plist plist
:hook hook
:headers headers
:compress compress
(publish-entity ent locator path hval)))
(defun publish-directory (&key prefix
(host nil host-p)
(server *wserver*)
(indexes '("index.html" "index.htm"))
(timeout #+io-timeout #.(* 100 24 60 60)
#-io-timeout nil)
(compress t)
;; make a whole directory available
(if* (null locator)
then (setq locator (find-locator :prefix server)))
(if* (and host (atom host))
then (setq host (list host)))
(setq host (convert-to-vhosts host server)) ; now a list of vhosts
(if* remove
then (publish-prefix-entity nil prefix locator
host host-p t)
(return-from publish-directory nil))
(let ((ent (make-instance 'directory-entity
:directory (if* (atom destination)
then (list destination)
else destination)
:prefix prefix
:host host
:port port
:authorizer authorizer
:indexes indexes
:filter filter
:timeout timeout
:publisher publisher
:access-file access-file
:plist plist
:hook hook
:headers headers
:compress compress
:hidden-index-redirect hidden-index-redirect
(publish-prefix-entity ent prefix locator host host-p nil)
(defun publish-prefix-entity (ent prefix locator host host-p remove)
;; add or remove an entity ent from the locator
(dolist (entpair (locator-info locator))
(if* (equal (prefix-handler-path entpair) prefix)
then ; match, prefix
(if* (and remove (not host-p))
then ; remove all entries for all hosts
(setf (locator-info locator)
(remove entpair (locator-info locator)))
(return-from publish-prefix-entity nil))
(let ((handlers (prefix-handler-host-handlers entpair)))
(dolist (host host)
(dolist (hostpair handlers
; not found, add it if we're not removing
(if* (not remove)
then (push (make-host-handler :host host
:entity ent)
(if* (eq host (host-handler-host hostpair))
then ; a match
(if* remove
then (setq handlers
(remove hostpair handlers :test #'eq))
else ; change
(setf (host-handler-entity hostpair) ent))
(setf (prefix-handler-host-handlers entpair) handlers))
; has been processed, time to leave
(return-from publish-prefix-entity ent)))
; prefix not present, must add.
; keep prefixes in order, with max length first, so we match
; more specific before less specific
(if* remove
then ; no work to do
(return-from publish-prefix-entity nil))
(let ((len (length prefix))
(list (locator-info locator))
(new-ent (make-prefix-handler
:path prefix
:host-handlers (mapcar #'(lambda (host)
:host host
:entity ent))
(if* (null list)
then ; this is the first
(setf (locator-info locator) (list new-ent))
elseif (>= len (length (caar list)))
then ; this one should preceed all other ones
(setf (locator-info locator) (cons new-ent list))
else ; must fit somewhere in the list
(do* ((back list (cdr back))
(cur (cdr back) (cdr cur)))
((null cur)
; put at end
(setf (cdr back) (list new-ent)))
(if* (>= len (length (caar cur)))
then (setf (cdr back) `(,new-ent ,@cur))
(defun publish-multi (&key (server *wserver*)
(host nil host-p)
(compress t)
(if* (null locator)
then (setq locator (find-locator :exact server)))
(if* remove
then (unpublish-entity locator path host host-p)
(return-from publish-multi nil))
(let* ((hval)
(ent (make-instance (or class 'multi-entity)
:host (setq hval
(if* host
then (if* (and host (atom host))
then (list host)
else host))
:port port
:path path
:plist plist
:format :binary ; we send out octets
:items (mapcar #'(lambda (it)
(if* (or (symbolp it)
(functionp it))
then (make-multi-item
:kind :function
:data it)
elseif (and (consp it)
(eq :string (car it))
(stringp (cadr it)))
then (make-multi-item
:kind :string
:data (cadr it)
:cache (string-to-octets
(cadr it)
:null-terminate nil))
elseif (and (consp it)
(eq :binary (car it))
(typep (cadr it)
'(simple-array (unsigned-byte 8) (*))))
then (make-multi-item
:kind :binary
:data (cadr it)
:cache (cadr it))
elseif (or (stringp it) (pathnamep it))
then (make-multi-item
:kind :file
:data it)
else (error "Illegal item for publish-multi: ~s" it)
:content-type (or content-type "application/octet-stream")
:authorizer authorizer
:timeout timeout
:hook hook
:headers headers
:compress compress
(publish-entity ent locator path hval)))
(defmethod publish-entity ((ent entity)
(locator locator-exact)
;; handle putting an entity in hash
;; table of a locator-exact.
;; assert: hosts is a non-null list of vhosts
(let ((ents (gethash path (locator-info locator))))
;; must replace entry with matching host parameter
(dolist (host hosts)
(let ((xent (assoc host ents :test #'eq)))
(if* (null xent)
then ; add new one
(push (cons host ent) ents)
else ; replace
(setf (cdr xent) ent))))
(setf (gethash path (locator-info locator)) ents)
(defmethod unpublish-entity ((locator locator-exact)
;; remove any entities matching the host and path.
;; if host-p is nil then remove all entities, don't match the host
(let ((ents (gethash path (locator-info locator))))
(if* ents
then (if* host-p
then ; must patch the hosts
(dolist (host hosts)
(let ((xent (assoc host ents :test #'eq)))
(if* xent
then (setq ents
(delete xent ents :test #'eq)))))
(if* (null ents)
then (remhash path (locator-info locator))
else (setf (gethash path (locator-info locator)) ents))
else ; throw away everything
(remhash path (locator-info locator))))))
(defun convert-to-vhosts (hosts server)
;; host is a list or nil
;; if an element is a string lookup the virtual host
;; and create one of none is specified
(if* (null hosts)
then ; specify the wild card host
(list :wild)
else ; convert strings to vhosts
(let (res)
(dolist (host hosts)
(let (vhost)
(if* (stringp host)
(if* (null
(setq vhost (gethash host
(wserver-vhosts server))))
then ; not defined yet, must define
(setq vhost
(setf (gethash host
(wserver-vhosts server))
(make-instance 'vhost
(wserver-log-stream server)
(wserver-log-stream server)
(list host)))))
else (setq vhost host))
(pushnew vhost res :test #'eq)))
(defmethod handle-request ((req http-request))
;; run all filters, starting with vhost filters
; a return value of :done means don't
; run any further filters
(dolist (filter (vhost-filters (request-vhost req))
(dolist (filter (wserver-filters *wserver*))
(if* (eq :done (funcall filter req)) then (return))))
(if* (eq :done (funcall filter req)) then (return)))
(dolist (locator (wserver-locators *wserver*))
(let ((ent (standard-locator req locator)))
(if* ent
then ; check if it is authorized
(if* (authorize-and-process req ent)
then (return-from handle-request)))))
; no handler
(failed-request req)
(defun authorize-and-process (req ent)
;; check for authorization need and process or send back
;; a message why it failed
;; if we actually http responded return true, else return nil
;; all authorizers must succeed for it to succeed
(let ((authorizers (entity-authorizer ent)))
(if* (and authorizers (atom authorizers))
then (setq authorizers (list authorizers)))
(dolist (authorizer authorizers)
(let ((result (authorize authorizer req ent)))
(if* (eq result t)
thenret ; ok so far, but keep checking
elseif (eq result :done)
then ; already responsed
(return-from authorize-and-process t)
elseif (eq result :deny)
then ; indicate denied request
(denied-request req)
(return-from authorize-and-process t)
else ; failed to authorize
(return-from authorize-and-process nil))))
; all authorization ok. try to run it and return the
; value representing its exit status
(process-entity req ent)))
(defmethod failed-request ((req http-request))
;; generate a response to a request that we can't handle
(let ((entity (wserver-invalid-request *wserver*)))
(if* (null entity)
then (setq entity
(make-instance 'computed-entity
:path "--- built-in 404 ---"
:function #'(lambda (req ent)
(req ent
:response *response-not-found*)
(with-http-body (req ent)
(:head (:title "404 - NotFound"))
(:h1 "Not Found")
"The request for "
(request-uri req)
" was not found on this server."
"AllegroServe "
(:princ-safe *aserve-version-string*))
:content-type "text/html"))
(setf (wserver-invalid-request *wserver*) entity))
(process-entity req entity)))
(defmethod denied-request ((req http-request))
;; generate a response to a request that we can't handle
(let ((entity (wserver-denied-request *wserver*)))
(if* (null entity)
then (setq entity
(make-instance 'computed-entity
:path "--- built-in 404 ---"
:function #'(lambda (req ent)
(req ent
:response *response-not-found*)
(with-http-body (req ent)
(:head (:title "404 - NotFound"))
(:h1 "Not Found")
"The request for "
(request-uri req)
" was denied."))))))
:content-type "text/html"))
(setf (wserver-denied-request *wserver*) entity))
(process-entity req entity)))
(defmethod standard-locator ((req http-request)
(locator locator-exact))
;; standard function for finding an entity in an exact locator
;; return the entity if one is found, else return nil
(if* (uri-scheme (request-raw-uri req))
then ; ignore proxy requests
(return-from standard-locator nil))
(let ((ents (gethash (request-decoded-uri-path req)
(locator-info locator))))
(or (assoc (request-vhost req) ents :test #'eq)
(assoc :wild ents :test #'eq)))))
(defmethod standard-locator ((req http-request)
(locator locator-prefix))
;; standard function for finding an entity in an exact locator
;; return the entity if one is found, else return nil
(if* (uri-scheme (request-raw-uri req))
then ; ignore proxy requests
(return-from standard-locator nil))
(let* ((url (request-decoded-uri-path req))
(len-url (length url))
(vhost (request-vhost req)))
(dolist (entpair (locator-info locator))
(if* (and (>= len-url (length (prefix-handler-path entpair)))
(buffer-match url 0 (prefix-handler-path entpair)))
then ; we may already be a wiener
(let ((hh (or (assoc vhost (prefix-handler-host-handlers
:test #'eq)
(assoc :wild (prefix-handler-host-handlers
:test #'eq))))
(if* hh
then (return (host-handler-entity hh))))))))
(defun find-locator (name wserver)
;; give the locator with the given name
(dolist (locator (wserver-locators wserver)
(error "no such locator as ~s" name))
(if* (eq name (locator-name locator))
then (return locator))))
(defmethod unpublish-locator ((locator locator-exact))
(clrhash (locator-info locator)))
(defmethod unpublish-locator ((locator locator-prefix))
(setf (locator-info locator) nil))
(defmethod map-entities (function (locator locator))
;; do nothing if no mapping function defined
(declare (ignore function))
(defmethod map-entities (function (locator locator-exact))
;; map the function over the entities in the locator
(maphash #'(lambda (k v)
(let (remove)
(dolist (pair v)
(if* (eq :remove (funcall function (cdr pair)))
then (push pair remove)))
(if* remove
then (dolist (rem remove)
(setq v (remove rem v :test #'eq)))
(if* (null v)
then (remhash k (locator-info locator))
else (setf (gethash k (locator-info locator))
(locator-info locator)))
(defmethod map-entities (function (locator locator-prefix))
(let (outer-remove)
(dolist (ph (locator-info locator))
(let (remove)
(dolist (hh (prefix-handler-host-handlers ph))
(let ((ent (host-handler-entity hh)))
(if* ent
then (if* (eq :remove (funcall function ent))
then (push hh remove)))))
(if* remove
then (let ((v (prefix-handler-host-handlers ph)))
(dolist (rem remove)
(setq v (remove rem v :test #'eq)))
(if* (null v)
then (push ph outer-remove) ; remove whole thing
else (setf (prefix-handler-host-handlers ph) v))))))
(if* outer-remove
then ; remove some whole prefixes
(let ((v (locator-info locator)))
(dolist (rem outer-remove)
(setq v (remove rem v :test #'eq)))
(setf (locator-info locator) v)))
(defmethod process-entity ((req http-request) (entity computed-entity))
(let ((fcn (entity-function entity)))
(funcall fcn req entity)
t ; processed
(defmethod process-entity ((req http-request) (ent file-entity))
(let ((contents (contents ent)))
(if* contents
then ;(preloaded)
; ensure that the cached file matches the
; actual file
(if* (not (eql (last-modified ent)
(file-write-date (file ent))))
then ; uncache it
(setf (contents ent) nil
(last-modified ent) nil)
(go retry))
; set the response code and
; and header fields then dump the value
; * should check for range here
; for now we'll send it all
(with-http-response (req ent
:content-type (content-type ent)
:format :binary)
(setf (request-reply-content-length req) (length contents))
(setf (reply-header-slot-value req :last-modified)
(last-modified-string ent))
(run-entity-hook req ent nil)
(with-http-body (req ent)
;; at this point the header are out and we have a stream
;; to write to
(write-sequence contents (request-reply-stream req))
else ; the non-preloaded case
(let (accepts compressed-file-comp)
(if* (and (entity-compress ent) ; look for compression
(setq accepts (compute-accepted-encodings
req :as-keywords t))
(setq compressed-file-comp
(excl::merge-to-physical (file ent))
then (send-file-back req
(car compressed-file-comp) ; name
(cdr compressed-file-comp) ; enc
nil ; no cache
else (if* (eq :retry (send-file-back req
(file ent)
then (go retry)))))))
t ; we've handled it
(defun find-compressed-version (filename accepted-encodings)
; see if there is a compressed version of this file on the
; disk that's newer than the uncompressed one
(let ((uncompressed-stat (ignore-errors (excl.osi:stat filename))))
(dolist (file-type (wserver-compression-file-types *wserver*))
(if* (member (cdr file-type) accepted-encodings :test #'eq)
then (let* ((compressed-name (util.string:string+
filename "." (car file-type)))
(ignore-errors (excl.osi:stat compressed-name))))
(if* compressed-stat
then (if* uncompressed-stat
then ; both exist
(if* (>= (excl.osi:stat-mtime compressed-stat)
(excl.osi:stat-mtime uncompressed-stat))
then ; compressed is newer, a win
(return-from find-compressed-version
(cons compressed-name
(cdr file-type) ; encoding
else ; uncompressed doesn't exist.. return
; compressed version
(return-from find-compressed-version
(cons compressed-name
(cdr file-type) ; encoding
(defun send-file-back (req ent filename encoding cache-ok)
(let (p range)
(setf (last-modified ent) nil) ; forget previous cached value
(if* (null (errorset
(setq p (open filename
:direction :input
#-(and allegro (version>= 6))
#-(and allegro (version>= 6))
'(unsigned-byte 8)))))
then ; file not readable
(return-from send-file-back nil))
(let ((size (excl::filesys-size (stream-input-fn p)))
(lastmod (excl::filesys-write-date
(stream-input-fn p)))
(buffer (make-array 1024
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(declare (dynamic-extent buffer))
(setf (last-modified ent) lastmod
(last-modified-string ent)
(universal-time-to-date lastmod))
(if* (and cache-ok (cache-p ent))
then ; we should read and cache the contents
; and then do the cached thing
(let ((wholebuf
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(read-sequence wholebuf p)
(setf (contents ent) wholebuf))
(return-from send-file-back :retry))
(if* (setq range (header-slot-value req :range))
then (setq range (parse-range-value range))
(if* (not (eql (length range) 1))
then ; ignore multiple ranges
; since we're not
; prepared to send back a multipart
; response yet.
(setq range nil)))
(if* range
then (return-from send-file-back
req ent range buffer p size)))
(with-http-response (req ent :format :binary)
;; control will not reach here if the request
;; included an if-modified-since line and if
;; the lastmod value we just calculated shows
;; that the file hasn't changed since the browser
;; last grabbed it.
(setf (request-reply-content-length req) size)
(setf (reply-header-slot-value req :last-modified)
(last-modified-string ent))
(if* encoding
then (setf (reply-header-slot-value req :content-encoding)
(string encoding)))
(run-entity-hook req ent nil)
(with-http-body (req ent)
(if* (<= size 0) then (return))
(let ((got (read-sequence buffer
p :end
(min size 1024))))
(if* (<= got 0) then (return))
(write-sequence buffer (request-reply-stream req)
:end got)
(decf size got)))))))
(close p))))
(defun run-entity-hook (req ent extra)
;; if there is a hook function, call it.
(let ((hook (entity-hook ent)))
(if* hook then (funcall hook req ent extra))))
(defun return-file-range-response (req ent range buffer p size)
;; read and return just the given range from the file.
;; assert: range has exactly one range
(let ((start (caar range))
(end (cdar range)))
(if* (null start)
then ; suffix range
(setq start (max 0 (- size end)))
(setq end (1- size))
elseif (null end)
; extends beyond end
then (setq end (1- size))
else (setq end (min end (1- size))))
; we allow end to be 1- start to mean 0 bytes to transfer
(if* (> start (1- end))
then ; bogus range
(with-http-response (req ent
(run-entity-hook req ent :illegal-range)
(with-http-body (req ent)
(html "416 - Illegal Range Specified")))
else ; valid range
(with-http-response (req ent
:response *response-partial-content*
:format :binary)
(setf (reply-header-slot-value req :content-range)
(format nil "bytes ~d-~d/~d" start end size))
(setf (request-reply-content-length req)
(max 0 (1+ (- end start))))
(run-entity-hook req ent :in-range)
(with-http-body (req ent)
(file-position p start)
(let ((left (max 0 (1+ (- end start)))))
(if* (<= left 0) then (return))
(let ((got (read-sequence buffer p :end
(min left 1024))))
(if* (<= got 0) then (return))
(write-sequence buffer *html-stream*
:end got)
(decf left got)))))))
t ; meaning we sent something
(defmethod process-entity ((req http-request) (ent directory-entity))
;; try each directory in turn for a file
(dolist (directory (entity-directory ent) nil)
(if* (process-entity-single-directory req ent directory)
then (return t))))
(defun process-entity-single-directory (req ent directory)
;; search for a file in the directory and then create a file
;; entity for it so we can track last modified.
(let* ((postfix nil)
(path (request-decoded-uri-path req))
(realname (concatenate 'string
(setq postfix (subseq path (length (prefix ent))))))
(redirect-kind *response-temporary-redirect*)
(debug-format :info "directory request for ~s" realname)
; we can't allow the brower to specify a url with
; any ..'s in it as that would allow the browser to
; search outside the tree that's been published
(if* (or #+mswindows (position #\\ postfix) ; don't allow windows dir sep
(match-regexp "\\.\\.[\\/]" postfix))
then ; contains ../ or ..\
; ok, it could be valid, like foo../, but that's unlikely
; Also on Windows don't allow \ since that's a directory sep
; and user should be using / in http paths for that.
(return-from process-entity-single-directory nil))
(if* sys:*tilde-expand-namestrings*
then (setq realname (excl::tilde-expand-unix-namestring realname)))
(multiple-value-setq (info forbidden)
(read-access-files ent realname postfix))
(if* forbidden
then ; give up right away.
(return-from process-entity-single-directory nil))
(let ((type (excl::filesys-type realname)))
; file may not exist but compressed version might..
; if the compressed version exists then
; publish the file in hopes that the request will
; ask for a compressed value
(and (null type)
(entity-compress ent) ; compression allowed
(dolist (ctype (wserver-compression-file-types *wserver*))
(if* (probe-file (util.string:string+ realname "."
(car ctype)))
then ; compressed version exists,
(setq type :file)
(if* (null type)
then ; not present
(return-from process-entity-single-directory nil)
elseif (eq :directory type)
then ; Try the indexes (index.html, index.htm, or user-defined).
; tack on a trailing slash if there isn't one already.
(if* (not (eq #\/ (schar path (1- (length path)))))
then ; uri referred to a a directory but didn't end
; in a slash, so add that slash
(setq redirect-kind
(setf redir-to
"" ; tack on a empty string
else ; uri ends in /, realname is directory
; ensure path we're building ends in / so
; we can look for indexes
(if* (not (eq #\/
(schar realname (1- (length realname)))))
then (setq realname
(concatenate 'string realname "/")))
(dolist (index (directory-entity-indexes ent)
; no match to index file, give up
(return-from process-entity-single-directory nil))
(if* (eq :file (excl::filesys-type
(concatenate 'string realname index)))
then ; we have an index
(if* (directory-hidden-index-redirect ent)
then ; just send back the index file contents
(setq realname
(concatenate 'string realname index))
else ; redirect to the index file
(setq redir-to index))
elseif (not (eq :file type))
then ; bizarre object
(return-from process-entity-single-directory nil)))
(if* redir-to
then ; redirect to an existing index file
(with-http-response (req ent
:response redirect-kind)
(let ((path (uri-path (request-uri req))))
(setf (reply-header-slot-value req :location)
(copy-uri (request-uri req)
'string path
(if* (and path
(> (length path) 0)
(eq #\/ (aref path
(1- (length path)))))
then ""
else "/")
(with-http-body (req ent))))
elseif (and info (file-should-be-denied-p realname info))
then ; we should ignore this file
(return-from process-entity-single-directory nil)
elseif (and (directory-entity-filter ent)
(funcall (directory-entity-filter ent) req ent
realname info))
thenret ; processed by the filter
else ;; ok realname is a file.
;; create an entity object for it, publish it, and dispatch on it
(return-from process-entity-single-directory
(or (directory-entity-publisher ent)
req ent realname info))))
(defun standard-directory-entity-publisher (req ent realname info)
;; the default publisher used when directory entity finds
;; a file it needs to publish
(multiple-value-bind (content-type local-authorizer)
(standard-access-file-reader realname info)
; now publish a file with all the knowledge
(publish-file :path (request-decoded-uri-path req)
:host (host ent)
:file realname
:authorizer (or local-authorizer
(entity-authorizer ent))
:content-type content-type
:timeout (entity-timeout ent)
:plist (list :parent ent) ; who spawned us
:hook (entity-hook ent)
:headers (entity-headers ent)
:compress (entity-compress ent)
(defun standard-access-file-reader (realname info)
;; gather the relevant information from the access file
;; information 'info' and return two values
;; content-type - if specific content type was specified
;; authorizers - list of authorization objects
(let (content-type
; look for local mime info that would set the content-type
; of this file
(block out
(multiple-value-bind (root tail name type)
(split-namestring realname)
(declare (ignore root name))
(dolist (inf info)
(if* (eq :mime (car inf))
then ; test this mime info
(dolist (pat (getf (cdr inf) :types))
(if* (or (and type (member type (cdr pat) :test #'equalp))
(and tail
(member (list tail) (cdr pat)
:test #'equalp)))
then (setq content-type (car pat))
(return-from out t)))))))
; look for authorizer
(let ((ip (assoc :ip info :test #'eq)))
(if* ip
then (setq ip-authorizer
(make-instance 'location-authorizer
:patterns (getf (cdr ip) :patterns)))))
; only one of ip and pswd allowed
(let ((pswd (assoc :password info :test #'eq)))
(if* pswd
then (setq pswd-authorizer
(make-instance 'password-authorizer
:realm (getf (cdr pswd) :realm)
:allowed (getf (cdr pswd) :allowed)))))
; check password second
(if* pswd-authorizer
then (setq local-authorizer (list pswd-authorizer)))
(if* ip-authorizer
then (push ip-authorizer local-authorizer))
(values content-type local-authorizer)
(defun read-access-files (ent realname postfix)
;; read and cache all access files involved in this access
; realname is the whole name of the file. Postfix is the part
; added by the uri and thus represents the part of the uri we
; need to scan for access files
(let ((access-file (directory-entity-access-file ent))
(if* (null access-file) then (return-from read-access-files nil))
; simplify by making '/' the directory separator on windows too
(if* (position #\\ realname)
then (setq realname (substitute #\/ #\\ realname)))
; search for slash ending root dir
(setq pos (position #\/ realname
:from-end t
:end (- (length realname) (length postfix))))
(if* (null pos)
then (setq root "./")
(setq pos 1)
else (setq root (subseq realname 0 (1+ pos))))
(let ((aname (concatenate 'string root access-file)))
(if* (setq file-write-date (excl::file-write-date aname))
then ; access file exists
(let ((entry (assoc aname
(directory-entity-access-file-cache ent)
:test #'equal)))
(if* (null entry)
then (setq entry (list aname
(push entry (directory-entity-access-file-cache ent)))
(if* (> file-write-date (cadr entry))
then ; need to refresh
(setf (caddr entry) (read-access-file-contents aname))
(setf (cadr entry) file-write-date))
; put new info at the beginning of the info list
(setq info (append (caddr entry) info)))))
; see if we have to descend a directory level
(setq opos pos
pos (position #\/ realname :start (1+ pos)))
(if* pos
then ; we must go down a directory level
; see if we can go down into this subdir
(if* info
then (let ((subdirname (subseq realname (1+ opos)
(if* (eq :deny
(check-allow-deny-info subdirname
then ; give up right away
(return-from read-access-files
(values nil :forbidden)))))
; we can descend.. remove properties that don't get
; inherited
(let (remove)
(dolist (inf info)
(if* (null (getf (cdr inf) :inherit))
then (push inf remove)))
(if* remove
then (dolist (rem remove)
(setq info (remove rem info)))))
else ; no more dirs to check
(return-from read-access-files info)))))
(defun read-access-file-contents (filename)
;; read and return the contents of the access file.
(with-open-file (p filename)
(let ((*read-eval* nil) ; disable #. and #,
(eof (cons nil nil)))
(let (info)
(loop (let ((inf (read p nil eof)))
(if* (eq eof inf)
then (return))
(push inf info)))
(error (c)
(logmess (format nil
"reading access file ~s resulted in error ~a"
filename c))
(defun file-should-be-denied-p (filename info)
;; given access info check to see if the given filename
;; should be denied (not allowed to access)
;; return t to deny access
(let (tailfilename)
(let ((pos (position #\/ filename :from-end t)))
(if* (null pos)
then (setq tailfilename filename)
else (setq tailfilename (subseq filename (1+ pos)))))
; :deny only if there are access files present which indicate deny
(eq :deny (check-allow-deny-info tailfilename :files info))
(defun check-allow-deny (name allow deny)
;; check to see if the name matches the allow/deny list.
;; possible answers
;; :allow - on the allow list and not the deny
;; :deny - on the deny list
;; nil - not mentioned on the allow or deny lists
;; :allow of nil same as ".*" meaning allow all
;; :deny of nil matches nothing
; clean up common mistakes in access files
(let (state)
(if* (and allow (atom allow))
then (setq allow (list allow))
elseif (and (consp allow)
(eq 'quote (car allow)))
then (setq allow (cadr allow)))
(if* (and deny (atom deny))
then (setq deny (list deny))
elseif (and (consp deny)
(eq 'quote (car deny)))
then (setq deny (cadr deny)))
(if* allow
then ; must check all allows
(dolist (all allow
; not explicitly allowed
(setq state nil))
(if* (match-regexp all name :return nil)
then (setq state :allow)
else ; no allow's given, same as giving ".*" so matches all
(setq state :allow))
(if* deny
then ; must check all denys
(dolist (ign deny)
(if* (match-regexp ign name :return nil)
then ; matches, not allowed
(return-from check-allow-deny :deny))))
(defun check-allow-deny-info (name key info)
;; search the info under the given key to see if name is allowed
;; or denyd.
;; return :allow or :deny if we found access info in the info
;; else return nil if we didn't find any applicable access info
(do* ((inflist info (cdr inflist))
(inf (car inflist) (car inflist))
(state nil))
((null inf)
(if* seen-inf
then (if* (null state)
then :deny ; not mentioned as allowed
else state)))
(if* (and (consp inf) (eq key (car inf)))
then (setq seen-inf t) ; actually processed some info
(let ((new-state (check-allow-deny name
(getf (cdr inf) :allow)
(getf (cdr inf) :deny))))
(case new-state
(:allow (setq state :allow))
(nil ; state unchanged
(:deny (return-from check-allow-deny-info :deny)))))))
(defmethod process-entity ((req http-request) (ent multi-entity))
;; send out the contents of the multi
; compute the contents of each item
(let ((fwd) (max-fwd 0) (total-size 0))
;; we track max file write date (max-fwd) unless we can't compute
;; it in which case max-fwd is nil.
(if* (not (member (request-method req) '(:get :head)))
then ; we don't want to specify a last modified time except for
; these two methods
(setq max-fwd nil))
(dolist (item (items ent))
(ecase (multi-item-kind item)
(setq fwd (file-write-date (multi-item-data item)))
(if* (or (null (multi-item-last-modified item))
(null fwd)
(> fwd (multi-item-last-modified item)))
then ; need to read new contents
(if* (null (errorset
(with-open-file (p (multi-item-data item)
:direction :input)
(let* ((size (excl::filesys-size
(stream-input-fn p)))
(make-array size
'(unsigned-byte 8))))
(read-sequence contents p)
(incf total-size size)
(setf (multi-item-cache item) contents)
(setf (multi-item-last-modified item) fwd)
(if* max-fwd
then (setq max-fwd (max max-fwd fwd)))))
then ; failed to read, give up
(return-from process-entity nil))
else ; don't need to read, but keep running total
(incf total-size (length
(or (multi-item-cache item) "")))
(if* max-fwd
then (setq max-fwd
(max max-fwd
(or (multi-item-last-modified item) 0))))))
(multiple-value-bind (new-value new-modified)
(funcall (multi-item-data item)
(multi-item-last-modified item)
(multi-item-cache item))
(if* (stringp new-value)
then (setq new-value (string-to-octets new-value
:null-terminate nil)))
(setf (multi-item-cache item) new-value)
(setf (multi-item-last-modified item) new-modified)
(if* (null new-modified) then (setq max-fwd nil))
(if* (and max-fwd (multi-item-last-modified item))
then (setf max-fwd (max max-fwd (multi-item-last-modified item))))
(incf total-size (length (or new-value "")))
((:string :binary)
; a constant thing
(incf total-size (length (multi-item-cache item))))
(if* (not (eql (last-modified ent) max-fwd))
then ; last modified has changed
(setf (last-modified ent) max-fwd)
(if* max-fwd
then (setf (last-modified-string ent)
(universal-time-to-date max-fwd))))
(setf (multi-entity-content-length ent) total-size)
; now we have all the data
(with-http-response (req ent :format :binary)
(setf (request-reply-content-length req) total-size)
(if* max-fwd
then (setf (reply-header-slot-value req :last-modified)
(last-modified-string ent)))
(run-entity-hook req ent nil)
(with-http-body (req ent)
(dolist (item (items ent))
(let ((cache (multi-item-cache item)))
(write-all-vector cache *html-stream*
:end (length cache))))))
t ; processed
(defun up-to-date-check (doit req ent)
;; if doit is true and the request req has an
;; if-modified-since or if-unmodified-since then
;; check if it applies and this resuits in a response
;; we can return right away then do it and
;; throw to abort the rest of the body being run
; to be done
(if* (not doit)
then ; we dont' even care
(return-from up-to-date-check nil))
(let ((if-modified-since (header-slot-value req :if-modified-since)))
(if* if-modified-since
then (setq if-modified-since
(date-to-universal-time if-modified-since)))
(if* if-modified-since
then ; valid date, do the check
(if* (and (last-modified ent)
(<= (last-modified ent) if-modified-since))
then ; send back a message that it is already
; up to date
(let ((nm-ent *not-modified-entity*))
(debug-format :info "entity is up to date")
; recompute strategy based on simple 0 length
; thing to return
(compute-strategy req nm-ent nil)
; if we had a stream to reply, forget it
(setf (request-reply-stream req) nil)
(setf (request-reply-code req) *response-not-modified*)
(run-entity-hook req ent :not-modified)
(with-http-body (req nm-ent)
;; force out the header
(throw 'with-http-response nil) ; and quick exit
(defun keep-alive-specified (req)
(if* (eq (request-protocol req) :http/1.1)
then (not (header-value-member
"close" (header-slot-value req :connection)))
else (header-value-member
"keep-alive" (header-slot-value req :connection))))
(defun compute-accepted-encodings (req &key as-keywords)
;; return a list of accepted encodings as strings removing
;; encoding parameters (such as q).
;; If as-keywords is specified then return the answer
;; as a list of keywords from the set that we support.
(let ((str (header-slot-value req :accept-encoding)))
(if* (stringp str)
then (let ((string-ans (mapcar #'(lambda (param)
(if* (and (consp param)
(eq :param (car param)))
then (cadr param)
elseif (stringp param)
then param))
(parse-header-value str))))
(if* as-keywords
then ; convert to supported keywords
(let (res)
(if* (member "deflate" string-ans :test #'equalp)
then (push :deflate res))
(if* (member "gzip" string-ans :test #'equalp)
then (push :gzip res))
else string-ans)))))
;; strategies
;; The server has to let the client know when it's sent the entire
;; body. There are three ways of doing this:
;; 1. send the content-length in the header. Only possible if we
;; are sending a file, for computed entities not known until the
;; computation is over
;; 2. chunking. Only possible for HTTP/1.1.
;; 3. close the socket after the last byte was sent - if the client
;; requested keep-alive then this is legal but not friendly.
;; inputs
;; head or other request -
;; keep-alive-possible - requested by client and we have resources
;; transfer mode :binary, or not
;; head request
;; (:use-socket-stream :omit-body [:keep-alive])
;; other req,
;; http/1.1,
;; no-content-length
;; binary-or-not
;; -> (:chunked :use-socket-stream [:keep-alive])
;; http/1.0
;; no-content-length
;; -> (:use-socket-stream)
;; http/1.0 or http/1.1
;; content-length
;; binary
;; -> (:use-socket-stream [:keep-alive])
;; text
;; keep-alive
;; -> (:string-output-stream :keep-alive :post-headers)
;; not keep alive
;; -> (:use-socket-stream)
(defmethod compute-strategy ((req http-request) (ent entity) format)
;; determine how we'll respond to this request
(let ((strategy nil)
(and (wserver-enable-keep-alive *wserver*)
(>= (wserver-free-workers *wserver*) 2)
(keep-alive-specified req)))
(and (wserver-enable-compression *wserver*)
(entity-compress ent)
(let ((encs (compute-accepted-encodings req)))
(if* (member "gzip" encs :test #'equalp)
then :gzip
elseif (member "deflate" encs :test #'equalp)
then :deflate)))))
(if* (eq (request-method req) :head)
then ; head commands are particularly easy to reply to
(setq strategy '(:use-socket-stream
(if* keep-alive-possible
then (push :keep-alive strategy))
elseif (and ;; assert: get command
(wserver-enable-chunking *wserver*)
(eq (request-protocol req) :http/1.1)
(null (content-length ent)))
then ;; http/1.1 so we can chunk
(if* keep-alive-possible
then (setq strategy '(:keep-alive :chunked :use-socket-stream))
else (setq strategy '(:chunked :use-socket-stream)))
else ; can't chunk, let's see if keep alive is requested
(if* keep-alive-possible
then ; a keep alive is requested..
; we may want reject this if we are running
; short of processes to handle requests.
; For now we'll accept it if we can.
(if* (eq (or format (transfer-mode ent)) :binary)
then ; can't create binary stream string
; see if we know the content length ahead of time
(if* (content-length ent)
then (setq strategy
'(:keep-alive :use-socket-stream))
else ; must not keep alive
(setq strategy
; no keep alive
else ; can build string stream
(setq strategy
else ; keep alive not requested
(setq strategy '(:use-socket-stream
(if* (and compression-possible
(member :use-socket-stream strategy :test #'eq)
(not (member :omit-body strategy :test #'eq))
; if the content length is given then that
; is pre-compression so it will be wrong if
; we send compressed data
(null (content-length ent))
then (push compression-possible strategy) ; must follow :compress
(push :compress strategy)
;; save it
(debug-format :info "strategy is ~s" strategy)
(setf (request-reply-strategy req) strategy)
(defmethod compute-strategy ((req http-request) (ent file-entity) format)
;; for files we can always use the socket stream and keep alive
;; since we konw the file length ahead of time
(declare (ignore format))
(let ((keep-alive (and (wserver-enable-keep-alive *wserver*)
(>= (wserver-free-workers *wserver*) 2)
(keep-alive-specified req)))
(if* (eq (request-method req) :get)
then (setq strategy (if* keep-alive
then '(:use-socket-stream :keep-alive)
else '(:use-socket-stream)))
else (setq strategy (call-next-method)))
(debug-format :info "file strategy is ~s" strategy)
(setf (request-reply-strategy req) strategy)))
(defmethod compute-strategy :around ((req http-request) (ent computed-entity) format)
(declare (ignore format))
(let ((strategy (call-next-method)))
(if* (and (member :use-socket-stream strategy)
(not (member :post-headers strategy)))
then (setf (request-reply-strategy req)
(cons :delay-headers strategy))
else strategy)))
(defmethod send-response-headers ((req http-request) (ent entity) time)
;; called twice (from with-http-body) in the generation of a response
;; to an http request
;; 1. before the body forms are run. in this case time eq :pre
;; 2. after the body forms are run. in this case time eq :post
;; we send the headers out at the time appropriate to the
;; strategy. We also deal with a body written to a
;; string output stream
(with-timeout-local (60 (logmess "timeout during header send")
;;(setf (request-reply-keep-alive req) nil)
(throw 'with-http-response nil))
(maybe-accumulate-log (:xmit-server-response-headers
(lambda (string)
(log1 :xmit-server-response-headers :info
(list time string))))
(let* ((sock (request-socket req))
(hsock) ; to send headers
(reply-stream (request-reply-stream req))
(strategy (request-reply-strategy req))
(extra-headers (request-reply-headers req))
(post-headers (member :post-headers strategy :test #'eq))
(*print-readably* nil) ; set by w-s-io-syntax and not desired
(chunked-p (member :chunked strategy :test #'eq))
(compress (let ((ent (member :compress strategy :test #'eq)))
(cadr ent) ; will be :gzip or :deflate or nil
(code (request-reply-code req))
(if* post-headers
then (eq time :post)
else (eq time :pre))
(sos-ef) ; string output stream external format
;(ssl-p (wserver-ssl *wserver*))
(setq hsock sock)
(if* (and send-headers (member :delay-headers strategy :test #'eq))
then ; must capture the headers in a string output stream
(setq hsock (make-string-output-stream)))
(if* send-headers
then (format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers hsock "~a ~d ~a~a"
(request-reply-protocol-string req)
(response-number code)
(response-desc code)
(if* (and post-headers
(eq time :post)
(member :string-output-stream strategy :test #'eq)
then ; must get data to send from the string output stream
(setq content
(if* (request-reply-stream req)
then (setq sos-ef (stream-external-format
(request-reply-stream req)))
(request-reply-stream req))
else ; no stream created since no body given
(if* (and sos-ef (not (eq (stream-external-format sock) sos-ef)))
then ; must do ext format conversion now
; so we can compute the length
(setq content
(string-to-octets content :external-format sos-ef
:null-terminate nil)))
(setf (request-reply-content-length req) (length content)))
(if* (and send-headers
(not (eq (request-protocol req) :http/0.9)))
then ; can put out headers
(format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers hsock "Date: ~a~a"
(maybe-universal-time-to-date (request-reply-date req))
(if* (member :keep-alive strategy :test #'eq)
then (format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "Connection: Keep-Alive~aKeep-Alive: timeout=~d~a"
(wserver-read-request-timeout *wserver*)
else (format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "Connection: Close~a" *crlf*))
(if* (not (assoc :server extra-headers :test #'eq))
then ; put out default server info
(format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "Server: AllegroServe/~a~a"
(if* (request-reply-content-type req)
then (format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "Content-Type: ~a~a"
(request-reply-content-type req)
(if* chunked-p
then (format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "Transfer-Encoding: chunked~a"
(if* compress
then (format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "Content-Encoding: ~a~a"
(if* (and (not chunked-p)
(request-reply-content-length req))
then (format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "Content-Length: ~d~a"
(request-reply-content-length req)
(debug-format :info
"~d ~s - ~d bytes"
(response-number code)
(response-desc code)
(request-reply-content-length req))
elseif chunked-p
then (debug-format :info "~d ~s - chunked"
(response-number code)
(response-desc code)
else (debug-format :info
"~d ~s - unknown length"
(response-number code)
(response-desc code)
(dolist (head (request-reply-headers req))
(format-dif :xmit-server-response-headers
hsock "~a: ~a~a"
(car head)
(cdr head)
(format hsock "~a" *crlf*)
(force-output hsock)
; clear bytes written count so we can count data bytes
; transferred
#+(and allegro (version>= 6))
(excl::socket-bytes-written hsock 0)
(if* (and send-headers (member :delay-headers strategy :test #'eq))
then ; headers are now in a string output stream
(let ((header-content
(get-output-stream-string hsock)
:null-terminate nil
:external-format :octets
(setq reply-stream
(setf (request-reply-stream req)
(make-instance 'prepend-stream
:content header-content
:output-handle reply-stream)))))
(if* (and send-headers chunked-p (eq time :pre))
then (force-output hsock)
; do chunking
(setq reply-stream
(make-instance 'chunking-stream
:output-handle reply-stream))
(setf (request-reply-stream req)
(if* (and send-headers compress (eq time :pre))
then (setq reply-stream
(setf (request-reply-stream req)
(make-instance 'deflate-stream
:target reply-stream
:compress compress
; if we did post-headers then there's a string input
; stream to dump out.
(if* content
then (write-sequence content sock))
(if* (and (eq time :post) (prepend-stream-p reply-stream))
then (force-output reply-stream)
(close reply-stream) ; close prepend stream only
(setq reply-stream
(setf (request-reply-stream req)
(prepend-stream-inner-stream reply-stream))))
(if* (and compress (eq time :post))
then (if* reply-stream
then (force-output reply-stream)
(close reply-stream) ; close deflate stream
(setq reply-stream
(setf (request-reply-stream req) (excl::inner-stream reply-stream)))
(and reply-stream (force-output reply-stream))))
;; if we're chunking then shut that off
(if* (and chunked-p (eq time :post))
then ; unwrap the chunked stream
(if* reply-stream
then (force-output reply-stream)
(close reply-stream) ; send chunking eof
(setq reply-stream
(setf (request-reply-stream req) (excl::inner-stream reply-stream)))
(and reply-stream (force-output reply-stream)))))))))
(defmethod compute-response-stream ((req http-request) (ent file-entity))
;; send directly to the socket since we already know the length
(setf (request-reply-stream req) (request-socket req)))
(defmethod compute-response-stream ((req http-request) (ent entity))
;; may have to build a string-output-stream
(if* (member :string-output-stream (request-reply-strategy req) :test #'eq)
then (setf (request-reply-stream req) (make-string-output-stream))
else (setf (request-reply-stream req) (request-socket req))))
(defmethod compute-response-stream ((req http-request) (ent multi-entity))
;; send directly to the socket since we already know the length
(setf (request-reply-stream req) (request-socket req)))
(defvar *far-in-the-future*
(encode-universal-time 12 32 12 11 8 2020 0))
(defmethod set-cookie-header ((req http-request)
&key name value expires domain
(path "/")
(encode-value t)
;; put a set cookie header in the list of header to be sent as
;; a response to this request.
;; name and value are required, they should be strings
;; name and value will be urlencoded.
;; If expires is nil (the default) then this cookie will expire
;; when the browser exits.
;; If expires is :never then we'll sent a date so far into the future
;; that this software is irrelevant
;; domain and path if given should be strings.
;; domain must have at least two periods (i.e. us "" rather
;; than "".... as netscape why this is important
;; secure is either true or false
(let (res)
(setq res
(concatenate 'string
(uriencode-string (string name) :external-format external-format)
(if* encode-value
then (uriencode-string (string value)
:external-format external-format)
else ; use value unencoded
(string value))))
(if* expires
then (if* (eq expires :never)
then (setq expires *far-in-the-future*))
(if* (integerp expires)
then (setq res (concatenate 'string
"; expires="
(universal-time-to-date expires)))
else (error "bad expiration date: ~s" expires)))
(if* domain
then (setq res (concatenate 'string
"; domain="
(string domain))))
(if* path
then (setq res (concatenate 'string
"; path="
(string path))))
(if* secure
then (setq res (concatenate 'string
"; secure")))
; add to the end
(setf (request-reply-headers req)
(nconc (request-reply-headers req) (list `(:set-cookie . ,res))))
(defun get-cookie-values (req &key (external-format
;; return the set of cookie name value pairs from the current
;; request as conses (name . value)
(let ((cookie-string (header-slot-value req :cookie)))
(if* (and cookie-string (not (equal "" cookie-string)))
then ; form is cookie: name=val; name2=val2; name2=val3
; which is not exactly the format we want to see it in
; to parse it. we want
; cookie: foo; name=val; name=val
; we we'll dummy up something that we want to see.
; maybe later we'll have a parser for this form too
(let ((res (parse-header-value
(concatenate 'string "foo; " cookie-string))))
; res should be: ((:param "foo" ("baz" . "bof")))
(if* (and (consp res)
(consp (car res))
(eq :param (caar res)))
then ; the correct format, must decode pieces
(mapcar #'(lambda (ent)
; sometimes a param isn't name2=val2;
; but is simply name2;. pretend it
; was name2=;
(if* (atom ent)
then (setq ent (cons ent "")))
(car ent) :external-format external-format)
(cdr ent)
:external-format external-format)))
(cddr (car res))))))))
(defmethod timedout-response ((req http-request) (ent entity))
;; return a response to a web server indicating that it is taking
;; too long for us to respond
(setf (request-reply-code req) *response-internal-server-error*)
(with-http-body (req ent)
(html (:title "Internal Server Error")
(:body "500 - The server has taken too long to respond to the request"))))
;; delayed send stream
(def-stream-class prepend-stream (single-channel-simple-stream)
((content :initform nil
;; what to send before the first write
:initarg :content
:accessor prepend-stream-content))
(defmethod prepend-stream-p (stream)
(declare (ignore stream))
(defmethod prepend-stream-p ((stream prepend-stream))
(defmethod print-object ((p prepend-stream) s)
(print-unreadable-object (p s :identity t :type t)
(format s "~a content" (if* (prepend-stream-content p)
then "has"
else "no"))))
(defmethod device-open ((p prepend-stream) dummy options)
(declare (ignore dummy))
(let ((output-handle (getf options :output-handle)))
(slot-value p 'excl::buffer) (make-array 4096 :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(slot-value p 'excl::buffer-ptr) 0
(slot-value p 'excl::output-handle) output-handle
(slot-value p 'excl::control-out) excl::*std-control-out-table*
(setf (stream-external-format p)
(stream-external-format p))
(add-stream-instance-flags p :output :simple)
(defmethod device-write ((p prepend-stream) buffer start end blocking)
(declare (ignore blocking))
(let ((content (prepend-stream-content p))
(output-handle (slot-value p 'excl::output-handle)))
(if* content
then (setf (prepend-stream-content p) nil)
(write-full-vector content output-handle))
(if* (> end start)
then (write-full-vector (or buffer (slot-value p 'excl::buffer))
:start start
:end end)
else start)))
(defmethod device-close ((p prepend-stream) abort)
;; close only this stream, not the inner stream
(if* (not abort)
then (force-output p)
; just to ensure header is sent
(device-write p nil 0 0 nil))
(defmethod prepend-stream-inner-stream ((p prepend-stream))
(slot-value p 'excl::output-handle))
(defun write-full-vector (vec stream &key (start 0) (end (length vec)))
(if* (>= start end)
then (return start)
else (setq start (write-vector vec stream
:start start
:end end)))))
(defmethod excl::socket-bytes-written ((stream prepend-stream) &optional set)
;; pass it on to the inner stream
(excl::socket-bytes-written (slot-value stream 'excl::output-handle)
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; setup things
(if* (not (boundp '*wserver*))
then ; create initial wserver object
(setq *wserver* (make-instance 'wserver)))