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@jtojnar jtojnar released this Mar 5, 2018 · 95 commits to master since this release

New features

  • Full-text RSS spout is now able to extract content from PDFs (#897)
  • URL is no longer cleaned when changing spout (#906)
  • It is possible to set tag or source to be opened after user logs in (#927)
  • Displaying multiple images from tweets with galleries is supported (#934)
  • Quoted tweets are supported (#934)
  • Logging destination can be changed (#1004)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Full-text RSS spout (#897)
  • It is now unlikely that the client browser gets outdated JS or CSS (#907) On Lighttpd, you might need to update your configuration.
  • Fixed back button not working correctly on small screens (#906)
  • When using PostgreSQL, vacuuming is left to the database (#906)
  • Items from different spouts but with the same uid will not be ignored anymore (#906)
  • GitHub spout was modified to correctly escape the data (#906)
  • YouTube spout was changed to allow wider range of URLs (#915)
  • The items without a date will no longer be added again after clean-up (#914)
  • Changed favicon fetcher for RSS spout to be more resilient (#920)
  • Tweets are no longer truncated (#934)
  • Using arrow keys in photo galleries will no longer change opened item (#942)
  • Facebook spout is finally working again (#936)
  • PSR-4 autoloading is now used, fixing the compatibility with custom spouts. If you use custom spouts, please make sure to check compliance. (#959)

Other changes

  • Fixed compatibility with PHP 7.2 (#1005)
  • Improved translations (#932, #981, #985, #1003)
  • Changed library for handling ico files (#926)
  • Upgraded FancyBox, the gallery looks much slicker now (#942)
  • For developers: JavaScript libraries now have to be obtained using NPM (#942)
  • Login is now done using AJAX, a step towards progressive web app (#931)
  • Guzzle is used for HTTP requests making them more reliable (#936)
  • Ironed out some inconsistencies in database schema (#955)
  • For developers: JavaScript client code is now checked using eslint (#951)
  • Increased resolution of the favicon (#961)
  • Added warning when autoloader is missing (#957)
  • Removed redundant alt attribute from favicons (#978)
  • Favicons are now easier to click on mobile (#992)
  • Tables that do not fit into columns will now show a scrollbar (#1001)
  • For developers: Coding style and other code requirements can be easily checked using grunt check. (#943)
  • Warning will be logged when icon/thumbnail directories are not writeable (#1009)
  • Removed readability spout and sharing (#1012)
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