Jenkins plugin to visualize reports from STAMP tools
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Jenkins STAMP report plugin

Build Status

Jenkins plugin to visualize reports from STAMP tools. Developed in the context of STAMP project

  • v1.0 PIT Descartes Reports


  • Install the plugin in Jenkins (for details on how to install a plugin see here).

  • You can download the released hpi file or build from source with

mvn package


  • Create a freestyle job that runs PIT Descartes and generates a report (currently supports METHODS output format)
  • Add a post build action to Generate STAMP Reporting views

Advanced options

Option Usage Default
path search path for Descartes report files target/pit-reports/*/mutations.json
coverage treshold get a warning (mark the Build as UNSTABLE) if the Mutation coverage average is below a certain treshold 0 (disables the option)


Build your project. A project dashboard and a build dashboard are created to display STAMP Tools reports.

After a couple of successful builds you will see STAMP Report trends in the Project main page:

Overall View

Aggregated view

Following the "Aggregated results" link, a detailed view of the trends of the PIT Descartes Runs is shown

Project dashboard

Build views

For each build, a menu item is created to show the detaild Report of the Descartes run.

Build dashboard

and the user can navigate through packages and classes to get detailed information on the mutation outcomes.

Package view

Class view

Initial development by Engineering