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Repository that produces the new STAT 545 @ UBC website
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Repository that produces the new STAT 545 @ UBC website. Uses Hugo with the Academic theme, wrapped by blogdown, and hosted by netlify.


This repository is hooked up to Travis CI and Netlify. All you need to do is push a change to the master branch, and the site will automatically render and deploy.

Wondering where the .html files are? They've been .gitignored, and produced by Travis/Netlify.

Noteworthy Directory Structure


This is where the content of the website lives. Hugo/blogdown renders this to the public folder, which you don't need to touch.

config.toml and /config

Website parameters used by Hugo are set in these toml files. Check out


Static stuff like pictures that the site draws on.


I'm using this folder to store historical information about the course, for the hopeful day of putting together some sort of "history" tab in the website.

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