IPIN/ISC Indoor Map Subcommittee
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IPIN/ISC Indoor Map Subcommittee

Goals of the subcommittee

  • evaluate the relevant published standards for indoor maps, and
  • make recommendations for the appropriate data format for storage and transmission of the indoor maps.

Scope of the subcommittee

  • Requirements: Identify the requirements of Indoor Maps for each application types
  • Pros and Cons: Evaluate and compare the pros and cons of published standards for indoor maps including de facto standards
  • Input to SDI: Give inputs to the SDI
  • Recommendation: Prepare a guidebook (recommendation) to select indoor map format(s) and integrate them depending on application types: Integration may include conversion between formats – gradual progress, spiral approach

Subcommittee chair: Ki-Joune Li (Pusan National University, lik@pnu.kr)

Reports (videos, slides)