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STEMTera Breadboard B328 LUFA Demo Project
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STEMTera Breadboard B328 LUFA Demo Projects

Image of STEMTera Breadboard Black

Supported SKU :

  • STM100001
  • STM100002
  • STM100003
  • STM100004
  • STM100005
  • STM100006
  • STM100007


STEMTera Breadboard is an innovation in breadboard history. It is the first breadboard with an Arduino compatible built-in that works with thousands of shields. With ATmega16U2/32U2 exposed, native USB projects can be easily developed using the LUFA framework. The LEGO® compatible bottom cover empowers projects to be built beyond imagination.


  1. Atmel AVR 8-bit and 32-bit Toolchain 3.4.1 - Windows 98MBytes
  2. dfu-programmer
  3. MinGW, install mingw32-base and msys-base package

Repository Contents that are used by STEMTera Breadboard

  • /LUFA - LUFA Framework
  • /Demo - Projects Demo
    • /Device
      • /ClassDriver
        • /Keyboard - Turn STEMTera Breadboard into a HID keyboard, showing up as LUFA Keyboard Demo or HID Keyboard Device in Device Manager.
        • /MIDI - Turn STEMTera Breadboard into a MIDI device, showing up as LUFA MIDI Demo in Device Manager.
        • /Joystick - Turn STEMTera Breadboard into a joystick, showing up as LUFA Joystick Demo or USB Input Device in Device Manager.


Projects demo using the ATmega16U2/ATmega32U2 micro controller. The demos are basically default from LUFA with some minor modification to the makefile and added Drivers/Board/AVR8/STEMTERA folder. These projects require the STEMTera Breadboard to be in the DFU Mode.

Putting STEMTera Breaboard B328 into DFU Mode and Flashing Keyboard Demo

Detailed instructions here

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