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Update release procedure with release signing etc.

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@@ -127,13 +127,21 @@ are completed to avoid confusion.
``hpx/config/version.hpp`` with an empty string.
#. Add the release date to the caption of the current "What's New" section in
the docs.
the docs, and change the value of ``HPX_VERSION_DATE`` in
#. Tag the release from the release branch, where tag name is the version to be
released and description is "HPX V$VERSION: The C++ Standards Library for
Parallelism and Concurrency".
* ``git tag -a [tag name] -m '[description]'``
Parallelism and Concurrency". Sign the release tag with the
```` key by adding the ``-s`` flag to ``git tag``.
Make sure you change git to sign with the ```` key,
rather than your own key if you use one. You also need to change the name and
email used for commits. Change them to ``Ste||ar Group`` and
````, respectively. Finally, the
```` email address needs to be added to your GitHub
account for the tag to show up as verified.
* ``git tag -s -a [tag name] -m '[description]'``
* ``git push origin [tag name]``
#. Create a release on github
@@ -160,7 +168,8 @@ are completed to avoid confusion.
#. Update the website with the following:
#. Update the websites (``_ and ``_) with
the following:
* Download links on the download page
* Documentation links on the docs page (link to generated documentation on

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