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@gtback gtback released this Jul 13, 2018

Merge pull request #17 from STIXProject/Update-stix-viz-front-page-to…


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@gertner gertner released this May 21, 2015

STIXViz version 1.0alpha6 adds support for future events to the timeline view.

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@gertner gertner released this Jun 13, 2014

StixViz 1.0alpha5 includes several enhancements to the graph view

Filtering: A filter menu has been added to the graph view to allow filtering of nodes and links by type.

  • The filter menu is collapsible. To collapse the menu click on minus sign next to the menu title.
  • To filter nodes by type, uncheck the checkbox next to the node type name. Check the checkbox to show the nodes again.
  • Links are listed in the menu based on the node type they are associated with. To view a list of link types associated with a given node type, click the plus sign next to that node type name. To filter all links of a given type, uncheck the checkbox next to the link type name.

Grouping nodes: By default, the graph includes "grouping nodes" that serve as ancestor of all nodes of a given type. To remove these grouping nodes from the view, click the "Ungroup" button in the menu bar at the top of the screen. All nodes and links will be shown, without the grouping nodes.

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@gertner gertner released this Mar 18, 2014

STIXViz version 1.0a4 includes a number of new features:

Updates to Graph View: Graph view provides a force directed graph layout of the selected STIX document(s). This update includes:

  • Link highlighting and relationship labels on links
  • Improvements to graph layout
  • Ability to pin and unpin node positions
  • Ability to adjust the size of the graph
  • Graph view is now the default view.

Timeline view: The timeline is a new view type that shows timestamped STIX data, such as incidents and their associated events, in a zoomable, scrollable display. The timeline view is a very new capability and feedback on this feature from the community would be much appreciated.

  • Point-based events are displayed as dots, while events with a start and end time are displayed as bars.
  • Event types are color coded and a color legend is provided
  • Events that are related to the same incident are grouped inside a rectangular border
  • The “overview bar” at the bottom allows you to zoom in on a time span by dragging with the mouse, and then scroll the viewport by dragging it in the overview bar to change the main timeline display.

Tree view: The original tree view is still available but may be removed from upcoming versions of StixViz. If anyone has a desire to see the tree view remain in the distribution, let us know.

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Feb 21, 2014
Version 1.0.3 alpha
Nov 25, 2013
version 1.0.2alpha
Nov 1, 2013
Version 1.0.1 alpha