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This repository is no longer maintained. Our Multitoken Smart Contract has an implementation of dynamic instantiation of any ERC20, which includes STK.

Smart contracts for the STK token payment channel. This repo contains the logic to implement a Payment Channel using ERC20 Tokens. The files contained here are still in development and will be updated in the interests of functionality and security. This is not to be considered the final version. Code related comments or questions can be made in the Issues Section on GitHub. We appreciate your feedback!


Install project dependencies

npm install

Local Development with Ganache CLI/Ganache UI Client

Our current development release uses the following versions:

Truffle v4.1.8 (core: 4.1.8)

Solidity v0.4.23 (solc-js) 

Ganache CLI v6.0.3 (ganache-core: 2.0.2)

By default, the repo assumes that the third address is the Signer's address. This address is required for signing. Note: Your address may be different than the one shown in the example below. Copy and paste the private key of this address into ./test/ETHChannelClosing.js and replace signerPk with the one on your local machine. Instructions for Ganache and ganache-cli are outlined below.

Ganache-UI Client

To install, you can download the appropriate installation located here:

Should you use the Ganache UI Client, ensure you are using the private key of the third address from the top. You can access this value by clicking the button highlighted in red.


Ganache Command Line Interface

To install, you can use npm install -g ganache-cli.

Use the third private key address in the CLI.

Running Tests

Run tests using

truffle test

Deploy to local testnet

This will also generate a deployedAddress.json for other application to read from


truffle compile

truffle migrate

or run the following for new deployment

truffle migrate --reset --compile-all

Deploy to live testnet (Rinkeby)

Before deploying to Rinkeby, please register on Infura

In your bash_profile Add INFURA_URL and MNEMONIC

vim ~/.bash_profile export MNEMONIC="<passphrase>" export INFURA_URL=<api-key>

truffle migrate --network rinkeby