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This repository contains the official CMSIS and HAL source files as they are provided by STMicroelectronics in their STM32Cube packages. Please note that this repository only contains the CMSIS and HAL source files. If you are looking for any of the other files, please download the STM32Cube package for your device directly from the STMicroelectronics website.

This repository is part of the STM32-base project. This repository is meant to be a simple way to get hold of the official CMSIS and HAL code without having to download the packages individually from STMicroelectronics. Because this repository contains code provided by STMicroelectronics, its licence deviates from the license used for all other STM32-base project repositories.

STM32Cube packages

This repository contains the code of the following STM32Cube packages:

Device series STM32Cube download website Version Patch
STM32F0 STM32CubeF0 1.10.0 -
STM32F1 STM32CubeF1 1.7.0 1.7.1
STM32F2 STM32CubeF2 1.7.0 -
STM32F3 STM32CubeF3 1.10.0 -
STM32F4 STM32CubeF4 1.24.0 -
STM32F7 STM32CubeF7 1.15.0 -
STM32G0 STM32CubeG0 1.2.0 -
STM32H7 STM32CubeH7 1.4.0 -
STM32L0 STM32CubeL0 1.11.0 1.11.2
STM32L1 STM32CubeL1 1.9.0
STM32L4 STM32CubeL4 1.14.0 -
STM32MP1 STM32CubeMP1 1.0.0 -
STM32WB STM32CubeWB 1.0.0 -

Since 2019, STMicroelectronics hosts the STM32Cube packages on GitHub. The following table presents links to these official repositories.

Device series STM32Cube MCU/MPU Package STM32Cube CMSIS Device
STM32F0 STM32CubeF0 cmsis_device_f0
STM32F1 STM32CubeF1 cmsis_device_f1
STM32F2 STM32CubeF2 cmsis_device_f2
STM32F3 STM32CubeF3 cmsis_device_f3
STM32F4 STM32CubeF4 cmsis_device_f4
STM32F7 STM32CubeF7 cmsis_device_f7
STM32G0 STM32CubeG0 cmsis_device_g0
STM32G4 STM32CubeG4 cmsis_device_g4
STM32H7 STM32CubeH7 cmsis_device_h7
STM32L0 STM32CubeL0 cmsis_device_l0
STM32L1 STM32CubeL1 cmsis_device_l1
STM32L4 STM32CubeL4 cmsis_device_l4
STM32WB STM32CubeWB cmsis_device_wb

Other than these device-specific repositories, there’s also the cmsis_core repository.