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This repo describes all STM32 MCU related GitHub projects. The open source offer for the STM32 MCU products
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STM32Cube is an STMicroelectronics original initiative to ease the developers life by reducing efforts, time and cost.

STM32Cube covers the overall STM32 products portfolio (MCU and MPU). It includes a comprehensive embedded software platform, delivered for each STM32 series.

  • The CMSIS modules (core and device) corresponding to the ARM(tm) core implemented in this STM32 product
  • The STM32 HAL-LL drivers : an abstraction drivers layer, the API ensuring maximized portability across the STM32 portfolio
  • The BSP Drivers of each evaluation or demonstration board provided by this STM32 series
  • A consistent set of middlewares components such as RTOS, USB, FatFS, Graphics, TCP/IP, BLE, STM32_TouchSensing_Library ...
  • A full set of software projects (basic examples, applications or demonstrations) for each board provided by this STM32 series

This is a new publication model for the STM32Cube MCU embedded software :

  • The monolithic MCU Package : all STM32Cube software modules of one STM32 MCU series are present (Drivers, Middlewares, Utilities) in the repo, with various examples projects. The usual name of a STM32MCU Package is STM32Cubexx, xx corresponding to the STM32 series)

In a second phase (from Q3'19), the MCU components, parts the MCU Packages, will be progressively delivered as individual repos, allowing the user to select and get only the required software functions.

Please note that a MPU offer is also proposed for the STM32 MPU Products. You can refer to the repo STM32MPU_EmbSW_Overall_Offer


This repo is a simple Readme describing all STM32 MCU related GitHub projects, the open source offer for the STM32 MCU products.

This new publication channel of the STM32Cube embedded software components will provide new added values :

  • In complement to the MCU Package zip files today proposed on, the capability for STM32 customers to get a configuration management based delivery (Git)
  • A more direct communication between developers, thanks to the Issues features. Caution : only software related questions will be taken into account. Any other subject must be submitted to the ST Community forum
  • In a second phase (after the deployment of a Contributor License Agreement mechanism), the Pull-Request will permit to take into account customers proposed updates and enrich the STM32Cube FW offer.

For general communication and support, you can use

STM32Cube MCU Packages

STM32Cube MCU Packages Description
STM32CubeF0 The STM32CubeF0 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeF1 The STM32CubeF1 FW MCU Package
[STM32CubeF2] expected soon The STM32CubeF2 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeF3 The STM32CubeF3 FW MCU Package
[STM32CubeF4] expected soon The STM32CubeF4 FW MCU Package
[STM32CubeF7] expected soon The STM32CubeF7 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeH7 The STM32CubeH7 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeG0 The STM32CubeG0 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeG4 The STM32CubeG4 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeL0 The STM32CubeL0 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeL1 The STM32CubeL1 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeL4 The STM32CubeL4 FW MCU Package
STM32CubeWB The STM32CubeWB FW MCU Package
.... ....
more to come ....
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