Simple Toml Name Service
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Simple Toml Name Service

Build Status

STNS is used by sshd to access keys and user resolver provided

You can see the details of STNS on

$ ssh
$ id pyama
uid=1001(pyama) gid=1001(pyama) groups=1001(pyama)


Let's Trial

can you trial STNS by docker.

$ git clone
$ cd example
$ docker build -t stns:trial .
$ docker run -t stns:trial
[root@67f8941ad374 /]# id example
uid=1001(example) gid=1001(example) groups=1001(example)




LDAP is used convenient and very well However, sometimes it becomes complicated and versatile too. STNS function is small compared with the LDAP, but it is management that much simple. And, In many cases, meet the required functionality.


  • pyama86