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Notes on building MilkyTracker
See INSTALL for a more general explanation of how 'configure' works.
The configure scripts try to check for everything needed, and will also
auto-detect ALSA and JACK adding support automatically; However, this
behaviour can be over-ridden using the following arguments to configure:
--with-alsa | --with-jack
Force build to use alsa/jack, build will fail if not found.
--without-alsa | --without-jack
Disable alsa/jack support.
Note that the configure scripts plus associated Makefiles are designed
to build the SDL version of MilkyTracker only. Build files for other
targets (OSX, win32, wince) can be found in the 'platforms' directory.
To build MilkyTracker you will need the following development libraries:
ALSA (optional)
JACK (optional)
Note to package maintainers: MilkyTracker contains an internal copy of
libzzip that has been modified for use with MilkyTracker; An externally
linked libzzip will not work correctly (ZIP support will be broken).