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Carpoolear frontend


Carpoolear es la primera aplicación argentina de Facebook que permite a los usuarios de dicha red social compartir viajes en automóvil con otros usuarios de su entorno.

Es una customización ad-hoc para Argentina de la filosofía carpooling, la cual consiste en compartir nuestros viajes en auto con otras personas de forma cotidiana. El carpooling es una práctica popular en Estados Unidos y Europa, donde se realiza de manera organizada para lograr aumentar el número de viajes compartidos y que estos sean concretados con otras personas además de nuestros vecinos y amigos.


Carpoolear is the first Argentine Facebook app that allow the users of this social network share car trips with other users.

It is and ad-hoc customization for Argentina with carpooling philosophy, with consist of sharing our car trips with other people. The carpooling is a popular practice in USA and Europe, where it is practice in a organized way with the purpose of increase the number of trips shared with new people in addition to our neighbors and friends.

Start coding

# git clone
git clone

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev
npm run prod (NOT WORKING)

# serve with hot realod and with prod.env
npm run prod

Selecting project

# selec project, if not project selected, the default project is "default"
# linux and osx

# window poweshell
$env:TARGET_APP = "myProject"

Mobile apps

# in root folder
npm run build:android
npm run build:ios
npm run build-dev:android
npm run build-dev:ios

# the apk will be created in the dist folder

Creating new projects

This branch is multi project. You can handle multiple apps in only one source code. To create a new project, first select it's name, for example "YOUR-PROJECT-NAME".

  1. Then have to go to ./projects folder and clone default folder. Change the name of the folder to "YOUR-PROJECT-NAME" and customize all the assets (google-services.js, config.xml and images). Remember that in config.xml in "cordova-plugin-facebook4" you must put your APP_ID and your APP_NAME of facebook.

  2. If you wanna customize some css files or any vue module like main.css, you must copy the file in the same folder and name it "main.YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.css". When compiling the project webpack will resolve the correct file.

  3. Finally in ./config folder clone the files dev.env.js and prod.env.js and save as dev.YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.env.js and prod.YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.env.js. Personalize the files with your values. Your new project is ready.

Happy coding!


In the config table in your carpoolear DB you can configure the following parameters:

Property Type Description
admin_email STRING Email of the admin.
name_app STRING Name of the app.
target_app STRING Only in development. (target project name)
osm_country STRING Country locale for Open Street Map.
country_name STRING Your country name.
locale STRING Country locale.
home_redirection STRING Your home website url.
module_validated_drivers BOOLEAN If enabled, drivers must be valdiated.
trip_card_design STRING 'default' or 'light' // 'default is the custom carpoolear theme. 'light' is an optional carpoolear theme. You can make your own themes.
trip_stars BOOLEAN If enabled, the punctuation of users is shown as stars, if not as numbers.
max_cards_per_row INT How many trip cards must be shown per row. Default: 4
disable_user_hints BOOLEAN If enabled, user hints are hidden.
login_custom_header BOOLEAN If enabled, you can use a custom header.
enable_footer BOOLEAN If enabled, you can login by facebook.
donation JSON With donation you can configure donation campaigns. Object must be: {"ammount_needed": 1000, "month_days": 0, "trips_count": 20, "trips_offset": 0, "trips_rated": 2}
module_trip_seats_payment BOOLEAN If enabled, online payment if required to travel.
module_user_request_limited JSON Object must be: {"enabled": true, "hours_range": 8}
api_crice BOOLEAN If enabled, active the api that calculate the trip price.
fuel_price FLOAT The local fuel price, to stimate the trip price.
enable_facebook BOOLEAN If enabled, you can login with facebook.
module_on_boarding_new_user JSON Object must be: {"enabled": true, "cards": 4}
allow_rating_reply BOOLEAN If enabled, you can reply a comment of another user
module_coordinate_by_message BOOLEAN If enabled, the trip coordination is in the chat view
module_references BOOLEAN If enabled, references can be made in another user profile


You must respect this linting configuration: /jshint esversion: 6/

All the variable and methods name must be in english.


The Carpoolear frontend is open-sourced software licensed under the GPL 3.0.


The open source Vue.js frontend (mobile and cordova app) for the argentinian carpooling application: Carpoolear








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