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sherakama Grids (#271)
* New Homepage
* Sticky footer mixin.
* All new Grid Systems
* All new layouts
* New 2XL breakpoint
* New gutter sizes
* All new KSS theme
* Many new utility functions
* Fixers to autoprefixer and updates for IE 11 compatibility.
* More IE Bug Fixes.
* General clean up and refactoring.
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Version: 5.0.0-dev

Changelog: CHANGELOG.md


To see a live demo of Decanter please view the styleguide.


Decanter is an artifact (and tool) of the design and development system that while aligned with a single product line, has a chief goal of housing patterns that can be used in any project. It is also a browsable collection of design patterns that have been vetted and translated into code.


WCAG Conformance 2.0 AA Badge

Evaluation Date: 201X-XX-XX
This project conforms to level AA WCAG 2.0 standards as required by the university's accessibility policy. For more information on the policy please visit: https://ucomm.stanford.edu/policies/accessibility-policy.html.