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SUAPP Token Security Audit Report by Callisto
SUAPP Token Smart Contract.Sol

We are pleased to announce change in SUAPP Smart Contract Address to fix bug discovered from recent smart contract security Audit, reduce in token Total Supply and change SUAPP Token Ticker to avoid confusion on Coinmarketcap. We decide to make this change before smart contract is deploy.

Below are major changes made in SUAPP Smart Contract.

· Change from Old Smart Contract Address: 0xebe499ae537484f182b48ec9d8f72ae5a293f366


New Smart Contract Address: 0xf83e5f1BA4A36a4B02f056291dc529d4f2D3959A

· Token Total Supply reduces from 100Billion to 1Billion.

· Change in Token ticker from SUP to SUT.

This change will affect Airdrop, BOUNTY and ICO Distribution. Distribution on new Smart Contract Address will be in this ratio 100 : 1 i.e. Everyone that’s entitled to receive 100million token from old smart contract will receive 1million in new token distribution. This decision is made to improve smart contract security and enhance token liquidity.

New SUAPP Token information

New Total Supply: 1Billion SUT / SUAPP TOKEN Available for sales: 500million SUT / SUAPP TOKEN New SUAPP TOKEN Contract Address: 0xf83e5f1BA4A36a4B02f056291dc529d4f2D3959A New SUAPP TOKEN Ticker: SUT SUAPP TOKEN Decimal: 8 For more information, please visit:




Facebook Link:

Twitter Account Link:

We appreciate your support on this project.