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supla-afl -fsigned-char Feb 15, 2019
supla-client libsupla-client build script updated May 27, 2019
supla-common Don't set variable directly by gettimeofday function. Feb 15, 2019
supla-console-client -fsigned-char Feb 15, 2019
supla-dev SUPLA-dev - fix run command Jul 15, 2019
supla-scheduler Db version increment Aug 13, 2019
supla-server Version increment Aug 22, 2019
tools Check result for 403 error code. Code Style. Gitignore. sync_40x_coun… May 24, 2019
.travis.yml At this moment, Travis have too old cppcheck version. Mar 31, 2018
CPPLINT.cfg replaced by CPPLINT.cfg Feb 27, 2018 First version of Jul 28, 2017
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