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Supla ❤️ Domoticz

Build Status

(IoT) Internet of Things is now coming!

Building automation systems available on the market are usually very complex, closed and expensive. In many cases they must be installed on the very early stages of house construction. SUPLA is simple, open and free of charge. It gives an opportunity to build elements based on RaspberryPI, Arduino or ESP8266 platforms and then join them either through LAN or WiFi. Through SUPLA you can, among others, control the lighting, switch on and off household appliances and media, open and shut gates and doors, or control room temperature. All the above can be done with just touch of a finger. SUPLA is available from any place on Earth if you just have a smartphone or tables available as well as Internet access. SUPLA is developed based on an Open Software and Open Hardware . This way, you can also develop this project! - Supla


SUPLA-CLOUD is a central point joining the executive devices for indirect and direct operation of your household or office appliances and other elements with client applications which you can install on your tablets and smartphones. This software allows to operate, from one spot, the whole system infrastructure using any modern Internet browser. Server access is free of charge. You can also set up your own independent server working within the Internet or home network using system sources which you can download from GITHUB.

Create an account Get from GITHUB

How to install

Just go to folder with domoticz plugins, run those commands:

cd domoticz/plugins
git clone
cd supla-domoticz
pip3 install --requirement requirements.txt --target .

... and restart device. After this you should have new hardware type called Supla.

Read more:

Submitting bugs

Before you submit bug please attach logs. To do this edit domoticz/plugins/supla-domoticz/

Change this line:

def debug(msg):


def debug(msg):

Restart RPi, repeat what was not working and save logs (Setup > Log).



Create new image

docker build -f supla_dev/Dockerfile -t supla-domoticz-test .

Start container

docker run --name=supla-domoticz-test \
        --privileged \
        -d \
        -p 7070:8080 \
        -p 7071:9090 \
        -t supla-domoticz-test

To validate if Domoticz is running visit http://localhost:7070

To validate if jSuplaServerMock is running do this:

curl -X GET "http://localhost:7071/api/v2.3.0/server-info" -H  "accept: application/json"
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