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hybrid SQL and LDAP backends for OpenStack Keystone

The code in this branch has only been tested on the stable/icehouse branch of OpenStack Keystone! Check out the other git branches if you need code for different OpenStack releases.

This project provides two alternative backends for Keystone:

The Identity Backend

This allows authentication with LDAP and SQL while using the SQL backend for all the usual operations. No users or groups are copied from LDAP. LDAP users are assigned a default role and tenant when they first login if they don't already have one (user_project_metadata table). For granting roles to users (keystone user-role-add), only the user id from LDAP is inserted into the SQL backend.


Since this backend relies on both the LDAP and SQL backends, you have to configure both beforehand. Use the usual configuration options found in /etc/keystone/keystone.conf. However, from the LDAP backend's config, only the ldap.user* options will be used by the hybrid backend (so no tenant/role options).

You should try to see that user authentication works fine with the LDAP backend before trying on the hybrid backend. Also make sure that keystone user-list works using the LDAP identity backend.

Copy the file to the keystone/identity/backends/ folder of your installation (e.g. /usr/lib/python/site-packages/keystone/identity/backends/

Set the identity backend to hybrid (it will use both the LDAP and the SQL backends under the hood):

driver = keystone.identity.backends.hybrid_identity.Identity

Restart keystone.

Now you can assign custom roles to users in LDAP. Make sure you use one of the LDAP user-ids returned by the keystone user-list query.

keystone user-role-add --user-id=12345 --role-id <role-id> --tenant-id <tenant-id>

The Assignment Backend

This allows setting a default role and project for users signing in via LDAP. The default role is hacked in at runtime and added to any existing roles for the given user/project combination. This should be useful when you have a lot of LDAP users which you want to grant a default role to in OpenStack automatically only if/when they decide to use it. Since the database isn't touched, all you have to do to disable the default role is to switch off the assignment backend in keystone.conf.

It is built on top of the SQL assignment backend.


Copy to the keystone/identity/backends/ folder of your installation (e.g. /usr/lib/python/site-packages/keystone/assignment/backends/

Set this in your keystone.conf file:

driver = keystone.assignment.backends.hybrid_assignment.Assignment

default_roles = _member_
default_project = demo
default_domain = default

Where default_roles takes a comma separated list of strings. The corresponding objects should already exist in the database!

Restart keystone.


hybrid SQL + LDAP backend for openstack keystone



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