@mssola mssola released this Jan 30, 2017 · 803 commits to master since this release

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  • Portus will now properly update the image ID when a tag has been pushed. See PR #1054.
  • Fixed how image updates are handled. See PR #1031.
  • Follow a consistent order in the signup form. See PR #1119.
  • Hide passwords stored in webhooks. See PR #1111.
  • Removed reference of missing stylesheets. See PR #1114.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues related to activities. See PR #1144.
  • Fixed the pre-compilation of the cover.js asset. See PR #1157.


  • portusctl: it will show a warning when using the --local-registry flag but the package has not been installed. See PR #1096.
  • Portus now supports Docker Distribution 2.5. See PR #1068.
  • Allow docker-compose users to specify an alternative port. See PR #1094.


  • Avoid the confusion on the hostnames to be used. See PR #1056.
  • Clarified how the --local-registry flag works. PR #1052.