Bare metal development environment

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Maybe you want to write code for Portus with a bare metal setup. This is not recommended, since it might conflict with whatever you might have in your machine. Anyways, here there are some tips:

  • Maybe you want to take a look at some setups that are known to work, like this NGinx setup.
  • In the .gitignore file we ignore a file named bin/portus. You might use this as a script that sets up everything to get Portus working.

As an example of the above, you might configure an NGinx + Puma setup, and then have the following bin/portus script:


# The base directory of the project.
base="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )/.." && pwd )"

# Export environment variables if needed.
if [ -z "$PORTUS_KEY_PATH" ]; then
    export PORTUS_KEY_PATH="/etc/nginx/ssl/"
if [ -z "$PORTUS_USE_SSL" ]; then
    export PORTUS_USE_SSL="true"
if [ -z "$PORTUS_MACHINE_FQDN" ]; then

# Check which command to use.
if [ "$1" != "" ]; then

sudo systemctl $cmd mysql nginx registry

# In Puma a restart can be troublesome. Since this script is used for
# development purposes only, a restart will mean to force the stop and then
# start.
if [ "$cmd" = "restart" ]; then
    if [ -f "$base/tmp/pids/" ]; then
        bundle exec pumactl -F $base/../puma.rb stop
bundle exec pumactl -F $base/../puma.rb $cmd

# Crono
if [ -f "$base/tmp/pids/" ]; then
    kill -9 $(cat $base/tmp/pids/
    rm $base/tmp/pids/
if [ "$cmd" != "stop" ]; then
    bundle exec crono -P $base/tmp/pids/ -L $base/log/crono.log -d true

Note that this script assumes that the Puma configuration is placed in the parent directory of the Portus working directory.

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