Vagrant environment

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This page describes some handy tips about running Portus on development mode.


This project contains a Vagrant based development environment which consists of three nodes:

  • registry.test.lan: this is the node running the next generation of the Docker registry.
  • portus.test.lan: this is the node running portus itself.
  • client.test.lan: a node where latest version of Docker is installed

All the nodes are based on openSUSE 13.2 x86_64. VirtualBox is the chosen provisioner.

Port 80 of the portus node is forwarded to port 5000 of the machine running the hypervisor. This makes possible to access Portus' web interface from the development laptop.

At the same time all the Portus' checkout is shared inside of all the boxes under the /vagrant path. That makes possible to develop portus on your laptop and have the changes automatically sent to the portus box.

Note well: this is just a development environment. Portus is running with RAILS_ENV set to development. The communication between all the nodes is not protected by SSL.

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