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install asciidoctor and pdf

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Install Asciidoctor and Asciidoctor PDF Gems

This guide will help you install the gems required to build documents from adoc sources in a local environment via asciidoctor or to build PDF documents from local sources via the asciidoctor-pdf gem.

Now that you have Ruby and rbev installed you can proceed with installation of asciidoctor and asciidoctor-pdf. We have also included support packages for various syntax highlighting options:

Installing Asciidoctor Gem

Install Asciidoctor:

gem install asciidoctor

Installing Asciidoctor PDF

Install Asciidoctor PDF:

gem install asciidoctor-pdf -v 1.5.0.beta.2

Installing Support Packages

Install support packages:

gem install rouge coderay rb-pygments concurrent-ruby asciidoctor-diagram

Now that the primary build tools are installed and setup lets build the docs. Building the Docs!

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