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We are preparing Hack Week 10. This is the Wiki for Hack Week 9. We'll update it soon.

Quick links

What is this all about?

This is the central place to collect project ideas for SUSE Hack Week 9, one week of interruption-free time for SUSE developers to work on projects of their choice.

In this Wiki people can post ideas, they are excited about, or want to work on, see what others are posting, build teams across the organization to work on projects, and show what they are doing.

Ideas are public and the community is welcome to contribute and join. This is the week where you can make those things come true, you always dreamed about, but never had time to do.

How to add project ideas?

Add your ideas as one Wiki page per idea. Add concrete projects, you already know how to do, but also add your wild ideas, nobody has tried before. See the Creating project pages section for more details.

If you intend to work on the idea, indicate that in the people section of the page and put the status of the project into the status section.

Oh, and remember, failure is an option. Not every new idea works. But there is no other way to find out than to try.

How to track project progress?

When you are working on a project indicate that in the status section.

Add info about the project and what you are doing on the Wiki page, and also add references to external resources, e.g. the code repository, Wiki pages, blogs, etc.

When you are done with the project set the status to done, and make sure that there are links on the project Wiki page where to find the results of the project.

How to give feedback on projects?

Giving feedback on projects is very welcome. Use comments to add your own related ideas, share your experiences with similar projects, or just say "awesome, I would buy this". You can just add your comments in the comments section on the Wiki page. Add your name along with the comment, so people know, where the feedback is coming from.

Keep a positive tone. This is about creating new stuff. Whatever adds to this is welcome, but don't kill baby ideas with too much criticism.


We'll have a number of categories in which we will give prizes for the best projects.

To be eligible, the page describing your project needs to contain a good description of the project and pointers to the work you have done.

Creating project pages

To create new pages for entering ideas and projects you need to:

Look at existing [pages](wiki/Geeko-Pumping-Iron-(ARM)-Session) (full list) as inspiration.

You can also check out the Wiki content via git and edit it locally. For that you need to be part of the Hack Week Participants team. Contact the coordination team, if you aren't already part of that group. You can use the editor of your preference, or you can also use gollum, which provides a graphical Wiki editor for local use.


## Description

Description of the idea goes into this section. All text is formatted with markdown. Example below.

This is a great project to achieve world domination in just a few steps:

* One
* Two
* Three

## People

List the people who are involved in the idea, at least yourself as
originator like below.

John Doe originated this idea.

## Status

Describe status of idea or project. Examples below.

Idea looking for takers.

I plan to work on this project.

Some initial code is there. Looking for takers or collaborators.

Add also categories and tags, if you want, so the page gets listed on the
overview page. Categories and tags are comma-separated lists of lower-case
words without spaces.
Popular categories: distribution,web,hardware
Popular tags: idea,inprogress,done,helpwanted

**Categories:** distribution
**Tags:** idea,helpwanted

## Related material

Add links to related material here. Example below

* [Source Code](http://github.com/openSUSE/world-domination)

## Comments

Add comments here. Start the comment with a line containing *by <your name>* so
it's easy to see who is talking.