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Create a tool to nurture ideas on what to hack on, during SUSEs hackweek, into projects and then collaborate on them.


I'm sick and tired of dokuwiki, fate, redmine, github or any other random tool being abused for Hackweek. There are 200+ developers spending 40+ of their precious hours to be awesome and we don't have a decent tool for this? Jeez, that's lame! Let's see if we can change this.


  • Admins can add hackweeks
  • Users ceate ideas for a hackweek
  • Users can like and comment on ideas
  • Users can join ideas turning them into projects
  • Users can supplement projects with files, links, agenda items and "needs"
  • Users can supplement themselves with "haves"
  • Ideas/Projects "needs" are matched to Users "haves"
  • Admins can rate project results


  • Henne Vogelsang originated this idea.
  • Henne Vogelsang is working on this idea.
  • Cornelius Schumacher is working on the project as well.

##Status We have created a pretty straight forward Ruby on Rails app in this very github repo. All the basic functionality works and we have a demo instance. We are going to continue to work on this so we can use it for the next hackweek.

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##Related material


  • by Cornelius: One challenge with our own tool is hosting. We could use Heroku or something like that to make it as easy as it can get for us.
  • by Coolo: You need an .opensuse.org or suse.com hostname alias for login proxy to work though - the proxy can direct to heroku though (in practice we never tried to go outside :)
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