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kiwi_spec is RSpec based suite which aims to test the hell out of KIWI in a fully automated way.


  • Yury Tsarev originated and will work on this idea.
  • Yury Tsarev will work on this idea.
  • Dinar Valeev will join the effort with his mighty PPC/s390 experience in the area.
  • Roman Neuhauser will hopefully find time to join in the end of the week and refactor all the code ;)
  • Marcus Schäfer is really invited to participate as VIP guest and creator of KIWI
  • Theo Chatzimichos will work on this idea


We already have some working code which we are using internally in QA Maintenance team for testing quality of KIWI maintenance updates for SLE.

Currently test suite is capable to:

  • Build 'oem', 'vmx', 'xen', 'pxe' image types
  • Deploy the images to KVM server and run the tests within appliance
  • Cover LVM configuration

The current plan on this hackweek is:

  • Generalize the code
  • Make the project open source
  • Increase number of supported image types
  • Add new deployment tests

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  1. kiwi_spec is now open source, the code is under openSUSE organization (link)
  2. Another library was created, rstuk, that contains common functions between kiwi_spec and studio_spec.
  3. A lot of duplication between those tools is now avoided
  4. Functionality of studio_spec is easily inherited to kiwi_spec
  5. We plan to open source studio_spec at some point as well, rstuk will make that faster since it is already done progressively
  6. kiwi_spec got a better output formatter, that lies in rstuk
  7. Configuration files have moved to cfg/, as it is done in studio_spec
  8. Better packaging for development machines.
  9. There is a gem for rstuk that will be published soon to rubygems, the same will be done for kiwi_spec
  10. kiwi_spec supports more archs than x86 and x86_64, such as ppc64 and s390
  11. Optional usage of pigz is possible for more speed
  12. Added support for building and testdriving ISO images
  13. Improved testdrive, cleanup images when the test run is green
  14. Various small bugfixes

The project is not complete though. We still need to extract lots of code from studio_spec, especially the parts that deal with automated deployment of images, since of those procedures are similar between kiwi_spec and studio_spec.

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