openSUSE & SLE support for upstream Puppet modules

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One of the PuppetLabs guys is trying to enforce best practices on administering Puppet modules, by using base modules and build services and roles on top of them. That way we can re-use external / third-party modules from, ideally without touching them at all. He names that "the Lego approach". Full article.

The goal of this Hack Week project is to gather a few third-party modules, and test them for SLE and openSUSE. That way we can have a number of base modules, that are ready for constructing services and roles on top of them. Most of the good modules are written by PuppetLabs or their operations team. The problem is that most of the modules on forge have minimal to no openSUSE support, due to the fact that PuppetLabs operations are using Debian in their boxes. The good part though is that PuppetLabs is very cooperative in accepting patches, so ideally we will need to work on those modules and submit our patches upstream.

List of Puppet modules for hacking:


Theo Chatzimichos originated this idea


I plan to work on this project.

Some initial code is here.

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