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RebootManager is a dbus service to execute a controlled reboot after updates in a defined maintenance window.

If you updated a system with e.g. transactional updates or a kernel update was applied, you can tell rebootmgrd with rebootmgrctl, that the machine should be reboot at the next possible time. This can either be immediately, during a defined maintenance window or, to avoid that a lot of machines boot at the same time, controlled with locks and etcd.

Reboot Strategies

rebootmgr supports different strategies, when a reboot should be done:

  • instantly - reboot immediately when the signal arrives.
  • maint-window - reboot only during a specified maintenance window. If no window is specified, reboot immediately.
  • etcd-lock - acquire a lock at etcd before reboot. If a maintenance window is specified, acquire the lock only during this window.
  • best-effort - this is the default. If etcd is running, use etcd-lock. If no etcd is running, but a maintenance window is specified, use maint-window. If no maintenance window is specified, reboot immediately (instantly).
  • off - rebootmgr continues to run, but ignores all signals to reboot. Setting the strategy to off does not clear the maintenance window. If rebootmgr is enabled again, it will continue to use the old specified maintenance window.

Configuration example

File /etc/rebootmgr.conf


Checking if a reboot is requested

$ sudo rebootmgrctl status
Status: Reboot not requested
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