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SUSE Salt Formulas

This repository contains Salt Formulas to be shipped for openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Formulas can be used with stand-alone Salt or within Uyuni / SUSE Manager offering UI support for configuration through Pillar data.

Repository Structure

For each Formula there is a separate directory where the directory name consists of the Formula name and a -formula suffix. Each of these directories should be mostly consistent with the Salt Formulas conventions, while additional metadata files (form.yml, metadata.yml) should go to a separate metadata directory, for example:

|-- example/
|   |-- files/
|   |   |-- foo.conf
|   |-- bar.sls
|   |-- init.sls
|   |-- map.jinja
|-- metadata/
|   |-- form.yml
|   |-- metadata.yml
|-- example-formula.changes
|-- example-formula.spec

Packaging Information

For information about packaging Formulas as RPM packages (including a spec file template) please refer to the packaging guide.

Stable Branches

The repository includes stable branches for maintaining bug-fixes of released versions. When submitting a bug-fix, please consider if it needs a cherry-pick to stable branch, e.g. Manager-4.0.