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Spacewalk & SUSE Manager automated testsuite
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Spacewalk Testsuite


Testsuite to automatically test a Spacewalk installation


  • Get requirements from rpms or
rvm use $version
gem install bundler --pre
bundle install
  • TESTHOST environment variable can be passed to change the default server.
  • BROWSER environment variable can be passed to change the default browser: chrome, htmlunit, chrome, firefox
  • ZAP_PROXY to use OWASP ZAP to test for security vulnerabilities (

To run all standard tests call:


Or look at rake -T

Custom feature run sets

Add a file into run_sets/$name.yml and then execute rake cucumber:$name


If you set the ZAP_PROXY variable to localhost or, the testsuite will assume that the proxy runs on the same machine and it will take care of starting/stopping it. It will assume ZAP is available at /usr/share/owasp-zap/

If ZAP_ACTIVE_ATTACK is set, additionally an active attack will be performed on the server and added to the results.

If a file zap_ignored.txt exists, those vulnerabilities will produce no failures. A zap_all.txt file is generated after each run so that the initial zap_ignored.txt can be fed in and maintained.

To run the tests with the security feature use the rake command below in addition to setting the appropriate environment variables:

rake cucumber:security_test

Conventions when adding more tests

  • Add required gems to Gemfile
  • Unit tests in test/testsuite_name
  • Helpers for unit tests in test/helper.rb
  • Cucumber features under features
  • Helpers shared scross tests/features should go into the lib/spacewalk_testsuite_base library


The testsuite is licensed under the MIT license. See the MIT-LICENSE.txt file included in the distribution.

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