Spacewalk & SUSE Manager automated testsuite
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Spacewalk Testsuite

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Welcome ! This is the Testsuite to automatically test Suse-Manager/Spacewalk.

How to Contribute.

CREATE always a PR, first against MASTER. After that, create a PR for other branches, if needed for backport the feature.

0) Make a good commit message: It is description by Linus Torvalds about how a good commit message should look like. Of course it needs to be taken with "salt", there is no need for a paragraph on every commit, but a good headline is always a must, and sometimes taking the time to explain design decisions and anything in the head of the committer in the rest of the paragraph is still a good idea.

0 b) Avoid extra commits.

Use git rebase -i locally

If you commit to save temp work and be able to revert, before you "git push" (because you can't do rebase afterwards) do a git interactive rebase and reorder, swap, and merge various commits into one. They should end as well-described units of work that are independent from each other. If a bugfix requires two commits and it is not usable without both, then it is a good idea to make the two commits a single one, unless one of the fixes makes sense as its own.

1) Steps should be grouped by topic and not by feature.

Steps files should be like:

Creating users
Running commands

2) Reuse steps, don't create new if you don't need them.

3) Check the code coverage results, after you runned the testsuite with your code.

Howto check code coverage

Usefull tutorial infos:

Testing-api tutorial, Branches that we use



You can run the Spacewalk Testsuite:

Tests order:

The tests are ordered and executed with the order of this yaml file:

Custom feature run sets

Add a file into run_sets/$name.yml and then execute rake cucumber:$name.

At moment we support only one, this is the refhost (smoke tests set)

RE/Run single feature

On the control-node modify the vi /usr/bin/run-testsuite. The file has per default already the needed hostname set.


export SSHMINION=..
export TESTHOST=..
export CLIENT=..
export MINION=..
export BROWSER=phantomjs

cd /root/spacewalk-testsuite-base
cucumber features/MY_FEATURE_NAME
  • The testsuite is licensed under the MIT license. See the MIT-LICENSE.txt file included in the distribution.