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Spacewalk Testsuite


Testsuite to automatically test a Spacewalk installation


  • Get requirements from rpms or

rvm use $version gem install bundler –pre bundle install

  • TESTHOST environment variable can be passed to change the default server.

  • BROWSER environment variable can be passed to change the default browser: chrome, htmlunit, chrome, firefox

To run all tests:


Or look at rake -T

Conventions when adding more tests

  • Add required gems to gemspec

  • Unit tests in test/testsuite_name

  • Helpers for unit tests in test/helper.rb

  • Cucumber features under features

  • Helpers shared scross tests/features should go into the lib/spacewalk_testsuite_base library


The testsuite is licensed under the MIT license. See the MIT-LICENSE.txt file included in the distribution.

The files under test/oracle are part of ruby-oci8 and are licensed under the Ruby license from its authors (See

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