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Version 4.0.0

This version introduces a number of breaking changes, a number being required to move to a more Promise-based API and one where problems are detected early at run-time by throwing rather than logging.

Some API changes also involve switching to class methods over instance methods, though these were private/internally used APIs.

Please see the CHANGES file (or the Git history or Github tracker) for fixes and enhancements.

Breaking changes

  • The cookie to track storage preferences is now namespaced as "svgeditstore" instead of just "store".
  • Require npx (used with babel-node) to allow Node files for HTML building and JSDoc type checking to be expressed as ESM.

Breaking changes (public API)

Callback-to-Promise changes

  • loadSvgString now returns a Promise rather than accepting a callback.
  • Callbacks to editor.ready are treated as Promises, only resolving after all resolve. May require no changes unless for timing.
  • editor.runCallbacks now returns a Promise which resolves upon all callbacks resolving.
  • Removed svgCanvas.rasterExport fourth (callback) argument, collapsing fifth (options) to fourth
  • Removed svgCanvas.exportPDF third (callback) argument
  • Removed svgCanvas.embedImage second (callback) argument
  • Made getHelpXML a class instead of instance method of RGBColor.

Throwing bad arguments instead of mere logging

  • editor/contextmenu.js add now throws instead of giving a console error only upon detecting a bad menuitem or preexisting context menu
  • addExtension now throws upon a repeated attempt to add an already-added extension

Breaking changes (internal API)

  • Refactor dbox (and alert/confirm/process/prompt/select) to avoid a callback argument in favor of returning a Promise
  • updateGripCursor moved to be class method of Selector rather than instance method
  • subpathIsClosed moved to be class method of Path rather than instance method