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aleph7 commented May 15, 2013

I made the necessary changes to switch to automatic reference counting (aka. ARC). It's mostly removing code so I wouldn't say it's a risky change. In the way I fixed a few bugs, besides all the potential memory leaks:

  • Some setters where not correctly handling the case where you reassign the same object. For instance CSSValueList setCssText:. If you do list.cssText = list.cssText the property would have been released creating a dangling reference.
  • In SVGKParser.m errorEncounteredSAX a c string was being casted to an NSString directly probably causing ugly memory problems.

Fixes #20


adamgit commented May 15, 2013

ARC is not backwards-compatible (we've had a major crash recently caused by ARC), so we need to maintain a clean, non-ARC, master.

I'm looking for a good solution here. Do you think it would work if we do this:

  1. I add a new branch to SVGKit/SVGKit: "master-ARC" (which is derived from "master" and always tracks it)
  2. Whenever we release a new tagged version - e.g. "1.1.0" - we also release an ARC that's based off that - e.g. "1.1.0-ARC"

...so that way, you can always pick "ARC" or "non-ARC" version of the source to use in your own projects ... AND (I think?) ... when updating ARC version, it's very easy: the latest-ARC-version is always "close to" the master version.

What do you think - would that work?

(Sorry to be a pain, but we've got people who are still using old versions of Xcode, and ARC isn't an option for them.)


aleph7 commented May 15, 2013

Yeah, that's an option, it should be relatively easy to keep the ARC branch in sync. I can also just keep my ARC branch and update it periodically in case anyone is interested.


adamgit commented Jun 5, 2013

I've created an official "master-ARC" branch as noted above. It currently is based off 1.1.0 (NB: "master" currently tracks 1.0.0 - that's a mistake, and will be fixed very soon)

I've merged your arc to make the initial master-ARC. Hopefully we can keep this updated with changes to master as we go forwards

adamgit closed this Jun 5, 2013

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